This Recipe Of a Secret Potion, Improves The Chances For The Woman To Get Pregnant

bottle of this drink is traditionally given to the bride and groom to drink before the first wedding night. This tradition origins of some Asian countries, namely, India is still practiced.

The secret is in the raisins, whose berries contain agrinin, a key for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, improves the chances of women to get pregnant and improves sperm health.

In addition, it is said to improve the total energy.

The original recipe of India consists of raisins, milk and saffron.

This is a recipe for preparing the drink:

Wash 30 g of raisins and boil with 200 ml of milk. Initially it should be taken three times a day, and then expand 50g raisins until the problems disappear.

Raisins have other positive effects on health. This helps to hypertension, obesity, cancer stops diseases, anemia … which is good for the skin and hair.

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