This Kind Of Vegetable Rejuvenates The Human Brain Up To 11 Years

The food we consume daily contain nutrients that can slow brain aging and rejuvenate even according to the latest research.

the green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, grape leaves contain large amounts of vitamin K and, if you consume two portions of these vegetables will rejuvenate your brain for 11 years.

The research measured cognitive abilities of persons alder. Those who consume green leafy vegetables had more than 11 years younger brain, apart from the others.

The main problem in Alzheimer’s disease is the reduction of cognitive abilities and for the first time reveals how the development of it can be prevented or partially reduced.

Despite its large amounts of vitamin K, the green leafy vegetables contain vitamin C and beta carotene, folic acid and lutein , which consumes as mixture may postpone age dementia.


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