This Is Why You Should Lose Weight by Walking, Not Running

Today, more and more research shows that walking is the best way to lose fat than running. In this article we present the reasons why walking is better than running in the process of weight loss.

1. Running is a cardiovascular exercise that reduces calories both fat and muscle. By running not only you can burn fat in your body. Muscle mass decreases.

2. The production of cortisol, a stress hormone, increases in intensive cardio exercise. This hormone increases food cravings because the body wants to replace the calories you’ve burned with cardio exercises. Not only it will replace the calories burned, but also consume more calories if you do intensive cardio exercises.

The same effect as sleep deprivation occurs after an intense cardiovascular exercise, because they are resistant to leptin. Your body can not feel full. Extreme hunger causes insulin resistance and increased cortisol production causes immediate weight gain.

The thyroid gland also may be adversely affected by cardio exercise. The thyroid gland produces T4 hormone. This hormone is transformed into T3-hormone, a hormone that regulates the functioning of your metabolism. Increased cortisol levels prevent gland to produce the hormone T4. Your metabolism is not working properly, it is not able to burn fat and lose energy.

3. long periods of operation may damage the knees and joints, as it is hitting the feet on the ground for long.

In conclusion, in operation, reduces muscle mass cause metabolic dysfunction and imbalance of hormones. This leads to weight gain and injuries to knees and other joints.

Compared to foot is better although fewer calories are burned alternative. Cortisol levels are reduced they not increased. It is sensitive to insulin so burn calories and does not have cravings. It is motivated and healthy, because the production of serotonin and dopamine is increased.

Take a 30 or 60 minute walk three times a week. Increase up to 6 days walking as soon as possible. It will be even better for your overall health if you do activities to relieve stress as well. Adequate and metabolic resistance exercises for 30 minutes diet are also great to have a body in good condition.

Source: Consumer Health

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