The field of numerology is to present several different characteristics . Birthday figures will determine your personality, and they will have the lead role.

you will find out what the numbers mean to you, and what kind of personality that ar. You have to write your birth date in the following format :. MM / DD / YYY

also will see an example that will make it easier to count


BIRTH Date- 05/03/1996

in order to count the number of path you will need to have:

+ 5 + 0 0 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 6 = 33

need to have obtained as a result of the following 3 numbers: 9, 11 22.

in this case, the way of life is 6.

also going to present what number on what type of route is the presentation, and what kind of personality is going to be prescribed or that.

# 1:

Here you are motivated individual. His ambitions are huge and who want to be under their control all possible situations.

You have great confidence nature.

Contrary to this, those with a rate cut # 1. They are very aggressive. In order to change this you need to spend some quality time to help videos.

# 2:

If you have this number as a way of life, is uniting and leading cooperative modest side of things. You are included in the empathetic nature that make you sensitive sometimes.

is very likely to struggle with anxiety and not have to work to get to that great point.

# 3:

This is the most interesting number because if this number is your way of life that is prone to the parties.

You are imaginative and artistic that will transfer in expressive and cheerful character that will make it requested from the company.

# 4:

Yo this case are practical and organized person. You need to be technical rather than creative. You are honest and sometimes brutal.

Your family will complain to everyone that you’re very stubborn.

# 5:

This presents a personality that is very flexible. You go with the flow that makes you able to meet the new things that will make for a richer experience. On the negative side on this path it will be disorganized and impatient.

# 6:

This number of way of life means you are very fair, compassionate and protective. Your friends probably see him as the “mother” or “father” of his social group and often come to you for advice about relationships and life in general. Sometimes, however, you could say that your advice is unsolicited. You also need to pay attention to yourself a little more instead of trying to solve the problems of everyone else.

# 7:

This number presents the route introverted and reflective type. You plan for every situation, no matter how big or small. rather stay home on Friday night and listen to music instead of going out with friends.

# 8:

they are certainly a natural business man or woman. You strive for efficiency and plan every decision – big or small. You always for power and status, which can make the impression of being too materialistic at times. Ambition is good, but be careful not to let yours takes away time with friends and family.

# 9:

human large Eres, is donated to charity than most of their profits. This is getting in the position of charity. The picture in your mind is very big so you have to do is realistic, which in fact is a big step.

# 11:

path of life is ” master ” way is to make the combination of DO 1 and 2 characters. In case of being 11 he is self-confident, independent, of character with an unknown territory. This will make you successful in building and innovative terms.

# 22:

number 22 is also a “master”; which shares the characteristics of 2 and 4, which combines an intense vision with practical, detail-oriented necessary to achieve it. That said, these traits can be combined to make the impression of being excessively control sometimes.

also you will see short video will get to present the new thing that could not be read in the last article.

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