This Is What It Means When Your Eye Starts Twitching And Jumping… And, It’s Not Good

If you experience any of the following symptoms, consult an ophthalmologist as soon as possible:

  • If the eye spasms last longer than a week;
  • If your eyelid spasms closed completely;
  • If the spasms affect the entire face;
  • If your eyes are swollen, red or no discharge from the eyes;
  • If the upper eyelid drooping starts.

A quick visit to a doctor will rule out any possibility of a neurological disorder. However, if there is a risk of one, you will be referred to a neurologist or other specialist.

If the underlying cause of the contraction is not a neurological disorder, you should try to address the problem by reducing their exposure to stress and caffeine. More sleep quality is also very beneficial. Optionally, you can try hot and cold compresses to relax the eye muscles. If you are open to a more alternative approach, acupuncture and massage can also reduce discomfort.

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