This Is What Happens If You Hold In Your Pee for Too Long

House Health ” This is what happens if you have in your Pee for too long
we are all familiar with situations where we are too busy to follow immediately to our instinct to relieve ourselves. Whether, conferences or busy schedules, urine retention is something we do consciously on a daily basis. As harmless as it seems, this habit can lead to serious health complications in the long term.

The bladder is a dispensable muscle sac that extends and contracts depending on the amount of urine is accommodated. Its walls are lined with receivers to measure how much has been expanded and send a signal to your brain to tell you about their need to relieve yourself. The signal is normally sent when the bladder is about half full. However, it is your brain that has the final say in determining when you’re actually pee. Depending on the situation, you can control yourself and ignore the stimulation of the bladder to the brain to urinate.

The side effects of put away your need to urinate

1 # UTI

ITU is the health problem resulting from frequent n.1 take your need to urinate. This happens due to an accumulation of bacteria around the opening of the urethra. The urethra is the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the outside, so when the urine is retained, bacteria tend to get into it and accumulate. regular and frequent urination is essential to remove bacteria outside the body and prevent bacterial growth.

# 2 oversensitive bladder

There are a number of factors that influence the bladder sensitivity of a person and they most often include food and beverages consumed. However, holding your urine can also contribute to a sensitive bladder mainly because this affects the proper function of the receptors in the walls of the bladder. As the bladder stretches to accommodate the increasing amount of urine, sensors or receptors become overactive, which translates into having a frequent need to go to the bathroom at least more often than usual. This eventually leads to the ICU as well.

# 3 urinary retention

urinary retention is the inability of a person to completely empty the bladder. Either acute or chronic, this is a life threatening condition accompanied by a lot of pain and discomfort. chronic urinary retention lasts a long time and can lead to other problems such as urinary incontinence -. the inability to hold urine and urinary tract infection

What is the longest should keep?

There is no written rule for this as this differs from one person to another. However, from a medical point of view, whenever you feel the need to urinate, just go – not put this off until you finish what you’re doing. It is quickly lost the urgency and forget about it, but his bladder suffers all the time.

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