This Is The Part Of The Human Brain That Turns People To Murderers!


If ever you wondered why some people are more aggressive or worse than others, science finally has the answer for you. This is where all the evil in humans comes. The desire to know whether thought about any misconduct is visible in the brain before reaching the negative behavior (ie, to predict aggression), the research team at the University of New York spoted the part of the brain active just before the person becomes aggressive.

found that the aggressive reaction active point in the hypothalamus -. Part of the brain involved in regulating body temperature, hunger and sleep

Based on this fact, it is possible to detect early signs of potential violence, harassment and sexual assault, and therefore prevented before they occur., – Writes British Telegraph

With our study we have been able to detect brain activity that is necessary for aggressive intentions are while the animal is preparing for an attack – explains Dr. Lin Dalij – assistant professor at the Institute of Neurology New York University.

This discovery could lead to development of drugs that allow us to control violent behavior, without the need for sedation or physical prevention. In theory, this should be possible with a team of continuous monitoring of brain activity that would allow health services or security to react to the emergement a violent event.

If this reminds you of a movie, you’re right. In “Minority Report” precisely through this subject and technique we showed a dark future world in which thoughts and emotions of people are still red.

Doctors are very aware of potential ethical problems in the manufacture of drugs. Namely, the removal of any kind of emotion actually prevents free will and somehow affects human nature.

-The pointing this part of the brain with the intention of avoiding aggression – remains only a distant possibility, even in the case of resolvement of all ethical and legal issues, but Mether what will certainly remain one chalange for physicians and researchers.


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