This Is Recipe For The Famous Blood Scavenger: Mixture With Two Compounds Who Removes Fat

If you have a problem with fat, prepare this remedy easy and simple it will also help cleanse the blood and improve their condition. For this recipe you need only two ingredients.

Due to the unhealthy lifestyle that we live, poor diet and lack of physical activity, increases the level of fat in the blood. Over time it leads to problems with blood vessels that result in health negatively.

prepare this easy and simple remedy that will cleanse the blood and improve their condition.

The remedy must be prepared at night and consumed in the morning.


  • 3 dried figs
  • 2 dl cider vinegar apple


Take a bowl and put in the apple cider vinegar. Take figs and transfer from all sides. Soak dried figs in the container. If you put them in vinegar at 8 pm, then you should eat the next day at 8 am. Do not rinse the vinegar, which can be used for the following night. The amount of 2 dl can be used for one week. After a week, take new deciliter and repeat the procedure.

Meanwhile healthier eating as much as possible and increase their physical activity food.

source: healthyfoodstar, com

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