This Indian Tribe Is Fighting For Our Country’s Clean Water And No One Is Reporting It



Lakhota the town also known as Teton and Teton Sioux are part of a confederation of seven tribes Sioux related or seven council fires, ans as for example one of the indigenous peoples of the Great Plains of North America.

For them, the land is sacred, the earth is your mother and it is the duty of serving.

Recent events show that want to protect nature and care for the environment and are willing to fight air pollution and especially water. They are upset that if a pipeline is built between the Missouri. Mississippi and Big Sioux rivers, the water will never be clean again.

The federal government decided that it is important to build this thing as it will help the distribution of crude oil for 1200 miles Dakota Northern Illinois.

Although much of the world depends on the production or trade in oil to fuel their economies, these activities can cause serious damage to the environment, either knowingly or inadvertently. The production of oil and / or transportation, can disrupt the human population, and the lives of animals and fish in the region. oil waste dumping, pollution production, and spills wreak havoc on the surrounding wildlife and habitat. It is a threat to the extinction of several plants, and has already harmed many species of land, air and plant and animal sea. The environmental damage is the result of the retraction of oil production and also can directly effect human life in the region. The damage may include contamination of water and soil pollution. Humans are affected by the devastation of the environment, because it is harmful to vegetation, livestock, animal health and the human body itself.

As a result, people who are not accepting this because of their constitutional right to live in an environment safe and healthy. The confrontation has, like many of those involved in peaceful protests against power before will tell you, led to the arrest and intimidation. These people simply want to protect our natural water supply from being potentially contaminated and what happens, they are ignored by the media and detained by the government.

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