This Home Remedy Will Get You Rid From The Scars And Stretch Marks In Just 2 Weeks

An old saying that signs adorn the man and there is a lot of truth. Unfortunately, the scars are not only the strong half of humanity.

Moreover, women are probably more susceptible to skin problems, because there are still scars after cesarean section or stretch marks after pregnancy. We will give you a prescription for a natural remedy that will actually save persistent scars, even erase stretch marks, which are destroying (bleeding) that heal over time and are replaced by scar tissue.

Ointment for scars

ingredients necessary for its preparation:

  • Melon seeds
  • Eggshells
  • olive oil or almond oil

Method of Preparation:

seeds pre-drying and peeling melon grind in a coffee grinder and mixed with crushed eggshells in a ratio of 1: 1

For convenience, the user can load the blender initially evenly cooked seeds and shells, and then ground into powder.

Finally, the prepared mixture should be added as much vegetable oil as necessary to obtain a thick paste. It is necessary that the resulting mixture can be applied directly to the scars twice daily. Top can stick tape to fix or treat the affected area with a bandage. The procedure should be performed for a month, but the results will show after only two weeks. You will see that with these simple, such as melon seeds and eggshells ingredients, you can restore the beautiful appearance of your skin. Say about this folk remedy your friends, because you can also benefit from this helpful.

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