This Home Remedies Will Help You With Your Sinus Problem. Try Them Now

House Health Herbs ” This home remedies help with your problem sinus. Try them now
If you are looking for sinus infection herbal remedies that have come to the right place for some herbal remedies natural herbal breast very interesting.

A sinus infection means you have an inflammation of the air-filled pockets in the skull illustration (frontal sinuses, maxillary sinuses, sphenoid and ethmoid sinuses) that are connected to the nose and throat passages designed to drain the mucus.

Before we take a look at these herbal remedies sinus infection will explore some of the main causes of sinus infection and also some of the symptoms of this nasty infection unpleasant.

What are the main causes of sinus infection?

  • bacterial or viral infection of the upper respiratory tract, nose and throat.
  • small growths, polyps or benign cysts.
  • injury in the nasal bones.
  • air pollution.
  • dental complications such as an abscess.
  • emotional stress.
  • smoking.
  • allergies to milk or dairy products.
  • hayfever.
  • committed, as in HIV immune system.
  • production of abnormal mucus (as in cystic fibrosis.)

some interesting advice given to us by a person older and wiser, it is that “if the mucus is clear your problem is probably as a result of allergies, if disgusting yellow or green their problems are bacterial sinusitis.”

Symptoms of sinus

  • runny nose.
  • cough at night because of this nasal drip.
  • headaches.
  • earaches.
  • toothache.
  • facial pain.
  • loss of smell.
  • sensitivity on the forehead and cheekbones.
  • nasal congestion with thick mucus secretion.
  • bad breath.

So now, all that remains to be done is to remove later home remedies.

And remember, make use of these remedies, as always, in conjunction with what the doctor has suggested.


Eat those onions !!

Quercetin is a flavenoid contained in onions that protects against allergens, it boosts immunity and is a natural product anti-histamine.


Healing Garlic is a sure way to keep under control infections such as garlic is one of the best natural antibiotics nature and is also an immune system stimulant.


Cinnamon It is another well known herb used over the centuries to herbal remedies sinus infection because it, too, has expectorant properties.

cinnamon makes a nice tea or infusion and even more can be added to other herbal preparations to improve the taste.


ginger has been used for centuries as an aid to breathing difficulties.

research has shown that ginger has very good expectorant properties.This means that it is an agent which dissolves thick mucus, one of the most unpleasant symptoms of sinus infections.

Make an infusion of fresh root finely sliced ​​a force to suit individual tastes, and then add a little honey, honey wonderful cure for sweetness.


Anise, is another herb that once again can be used as one of your sinus infection herbal remedies because it has decongestant properties.

means a decongestant be used to help a-things, stuffy nose, and it will also help dissolve mucus thick disgusting.

you anise also makes it pleasant and effective tea.


You You have to put this herb in its list of herbal remedies natural sinusitis due to its anti-bacterial properties.

anti-bacterial means that it contains substances or compounds or kill or slow the growth of bacteria.

mint is known to make a delicious infusion and also to help with your sinus infection it is also beneficial for digestion.


This is another need for herbal remedies sinus infection, which not only stimulates the immune system and fights viral infection, but it is also anti-bacterial.

A decoction can be taken 3 times daily.


A good natural remedy to relieve congestion and pain caused by sinusitis, is horseradish.

Research says that the blood flow aids seasoning sinus cavities, which helps drain clogged sinuses and cure infections quickly.Take a teaspoon twice a day or use a sandwich or as a complement meat until symptoms clear.


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