This Herbs Oil Kills 25 Types of Bacteria Protects Against Cancer Protects And Maintains Vision

healing properties oregano oil are hot topic for some time. 52 plants tested, only oregano oil acted positively when it comes to treatment of Candida, E.coli and salmonella.

Oregano is a Mediterranean herb that is considered one of the most healing herbs in the world. Its fat, derived from wild oregano a special distillation process to preserve all its healing properties is greatly appreciated.

Studies have shown new results in which it is determined that carvacrol, oregano oil phenol, off hazardous and contaminating microorganisms at a level where they can positively influence the development and food security.

Oregano oil has antibacterial properties as well as antioxidants and can destroy carcinogens in the process of preparing food at high temperatures.

When we add oregano oil plummeting beef, carvacrol meat prevents 78% of the formation of carcinogenic heterocyclic molecules that arise when animal fat is prepared at high temperatures.

Another study found that oregano oil destroys salmonella and Escherichia coli. Studies show that using oregano oil is huge, and can be applied in industrial food production.

acts oil anti-inflammatory oregano

Oregano oil can sometimes be very effective medium that could replace most drugs that treat the digestive system, colon, liver and – established scientists from the medical center. This is good news for people who have Candida, fungi, etc. In one study, 77% of patients using oregano oil for a period of six weeks were able to completely treat Candida. Oregano oil is useful and can help avoid gaining excess body weight.

anti bacterial properties

The carvacrol is the most valuable medicinal substance in finding oregano. It has strong antibacterial properties. British scientists have done research that confirmed that acts of oregano oil in 25 different bacteria. The oil is very effective against germs that cause intestinal infections and urinary tract infections, typhoid fever, cholera, ulcers and skin infections. In addition to killing bacteria, which has a strong antiviral activity, protects against flu, colds, mumps, etc.

fungi aggressive antifungal properties of oregano oil anti properties

preventing persistent infections, such as candidiasis infections and nail fungus. When it comes to treatment of candidiasis it is necessary to drink oil, and for the treatment of nail fungus that has to be applied locally. Foe treating fungal infections that cause dandruff have to apply several drops of oregano oil on the scalp when the hair is washed.

acts against cancer potentially

Oregano oil can be part of an enemy therapy to treat cancer . Scientists tested exactly how oregano oil acts on cells of prostate cancer. Carvacrol is causing apoptosis, ie, the self-destruction of prostate cancer cells. Apoptosis is one of the ways the body gets rid of non-performing or malignant cells in the body.

It successfully fights against allergies

Oregano oil contains rosemary acid, which is a strong antihistamine and very powerful oxidant vitamin E. It helps in the treatment of allergy, bronchial asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and gingivitis. Inhaling this oil is enough to get rid of allergies.

Protects vision and hearing

antioxidant properties of oregano oil have a positive effect on the long-term conservation Of the health. It has the ability to protect against free radicals and repair already damaged cells. Antioxidants slow aging, protects against cancer, prevent macular degeneration, vision and hearing loss, neurological disorders and other related to the effects of free radicals diseases.

First aid in stings and bites

Oregano oil has the power to neutralize the poisonous sting bees, spiders and snakes. This fact makes oregano oil of great value when it comes to first aid in such situations. It is also useful to prevent infection, reduce inflammation and pain caused by stings and animal bites.

Help with sports injuries

Oregano oil is a good ally of physically active people, and it relieves cramps and muscle pain, accelerate wound healing, inflamed tendons and so on. anti-inflammatory properties also make it a powerful remedy against arthritis.

The application of oregano oil

The recommended oregano oil dosage is 1 to 4 drops, three times daily (maximum of 12 drops per day, but never in a single dose). It has a strong flavor and therefore must always be diluted in juice or tea.

You can put a few drops under the tongue and the warm salt water if you have a toothache or infection in the mouth. It can also be used as a home remedy for sinus infections.

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