This Herb Destroys Cancer In 16 Hours

Recently, scientists discovered that sweet wormwood kill cancer in less than a day – 16 hours actually! According to research published in “Life Sciences”, this plant removes 98 percent of cancer cells. If sweet wormwood itself is used, it may cause a reduction of 28 percent in breast cancer cells. However, in combination with iron it becomes unstoppable force for cancer.

“Our results show that artemisinin transcription factor ‘E2F1’ stops and is involved in the destruction of the cells of lung cancer, meaning it has a shape whereby transcription artemisinin controls the growth of the reproductive cancer cells “, stated in the conclusion of the research conducted in the laboratory of cancer in UC.

artemisinin is used as a strong tool malaria, but now it has proven to be an effective way to treat cancer. The research showed that artemisinin makes cancer cells undergo apoptosis (self-destruction).

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