This Guy Quit Alcohol and Coffee for 15 Months and Here’s What Happened

This guy quit alcohol and coffee

Have you ever thought of quitting alcohol and coffee to see what happens? If not, here is some food for thought.

Alcohol and coffee are two substances that many people consume regularly. They can be both addictive and extremely expensive , not to mention the long-term impact on their health, and yet all accept as part of our social norms.

Tobias co-founder of Semplice decided to give up the two substances for 15 months to see the effects actual they were having not only their health, but also in their relationships, bank balance and mood. Tobias found that a number of things learned and many things about his life changed and improved. So far, he has never looked back.

These are just some of the things that happened when he left the alcohol and coffee for 15 months:

were saved $ 1,000 a month

Tobias lived in New York and when I was drinking was spending about $ 1,000 in alcohol every month. Like any major city, the drink is a part of culture and is a very expensive habit. If you work out, that is 2-3 cocktails every two days and a couple of bottles of wine each month. Not only this, but by going to drink regularly happens inevitably more money on eating -. Drinking leads to costs of additional food, and can easily add up to $ 1,000

Less gossip

Most social events involve drinking, so Tobias found that would have to say not people and therefore not see them. Being the only sober person out with a group of people who are drinking can be very testing. He found that alcohol was almost impossible to hear the gossip labyrinthine of his friends. He also highlighted the idea that drinking culture is so ingrained in our friends , almost can not see friends without having a drink.

Your sleep quality increases

all know that – if you try after even sleep a few glasses of wine or beer, can sleep easily, but the quality of sleep it is bad. After leaving Tobias alcohol, he slept better and awoke feeling more awake . The effect of even just a few drinks in their sleep quality is great, especially if it is greater than 30 to the support (aged 20 years old do not have to worry!).

No coffee, less anxiety and stress

Coffee is another social norm that people stick by. However, “go for coffee” does not have to mean drinking coffee. Tobias found that coffee caused their anxiety levels to increase, messed with their digestion, and made him stressed. Keeping the social habit of going for coffee, but replace it with decaffeinated coffee or herbal tea instead!

After his 15-month experiment, Tobias has no desire to pick up a drink again. He feels healthier and relationships are stronger.

You can do it too. Start today, quit alcohol and coffee and learn from the experiences of Tobias, make a change and start to feel the effects almost immediately.

By Charlotte H.

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