This Easy Exercise Burns More Fat Than 1,000 Ab Crunches

Nobody wants to have a big belly, but nobody wants to do the hard and boring ABS, either!

orientation of the abdomen is nobody’s favorite exercise, as it is extremely difficult to melt belly fat. However, when it comes to the flat and narrow belly that has dreamed all his life, it is worth making some effort!

However, it will not be difficult, as it will tell you the best news ever!

Taking into consideration the antagonistic attitude toward abdominal exercises, fitness experts have built a miraculous exercise that will provide the desired results, and you will not have to exercise to exhaustion! What is even better, is more effective than 1,000 abdominal exercises!

In addition to providing great results for your belly, this exercise will also relieve back pain because the spine is supported by the strong abdominal muscles.

“The Plank” is a static exercise in which your body should be positioned so flat that resembles a plank, leaning on hands and toes only, and not moving at all.

In order to obtain the best results, it should be placed correctly.

Here is how to make the “board” correctly:

  • Place your hands on the floor directly below the shoulders. Keep your neck straight and head should be in line with the back.
  • ground the toes on the ground, but remember that your legs should be working as well, although the focus is on the abdominal area. Therefore, tighten the muscles of the buttocks while position table is maintained.
  • Hold and be careful not to lose the flat body position.
  • In order to thereby maintain longer, you need to control your breathing, inhaling and exhaling so evenly.

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