This Drink Will Destroy Your Bones From The Inside But Everyone Drinks It Anwyway

Soda is the main cause of obesity among Americans. This is due to the high amounts of sugar containing and because of the additional fructose, artificial sweeteners, and phosphoric acid. Although people are aware that this drink is not healthy, it appears that the information not sink into their minds.

Let’s see what the body whenever you consume soft drinks:

  • Osteoporosis – some sodas have high amounts of phosphoric acis and caffeine, which can lead to osteoporosis later in life. Studies have found that excessive levels of phosphoric acid adversely affects the manner in which calcium is absorbed into the bones. This Mikes disease seems more likely.
  • Obesity – one can of soda a day gives a pound of weight each month, unless that weight off is exercised
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  • Liver damage – the liver can be damaged by excessive sodium intake. According to some studies, this drink can cause more damage to the liver than alcohol.
  • kidney problems -. Phosphoric acid wounds of the urinary tract and kidneys, as it can create kidney stones that can be very painful to get rid of
  • Tooth decay – the tooth enamel is decomposed by soda consumption, which means that their teeth are more prone to infection. It can also cause more damage to your teeth than sweets.
  • Increases belly fat – your body may be more prone to store fat with sugar consumption. This is a type of fat in the body known as “dangerous fat” and can lead to metabolic disease.
  • may lead to insulin resistance – the main function of insulin is to conduct blood glucose into cells. People who consume sugary sodas may become resistant to the effects of insulin, which means that the pancreas must produce more insulin, and therefore insulin levels in the blood to rise.
  • type 2 diabetes -. sugary drinks can lead to insulin resistance, so it is not surprising that many studies have linked consumption of soda with type 2 diabetes


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