This Chinese Herb Kills Cancer Cells in Less Than 16 Hours!

Chinese Herb Kills Cancer Cells

Cancer is the only word that every person on the planet has fear. It is estimated that this year, cancer will kill 7.6 million people.

There are countless charities trying to investigate how to kill the deadly disease, but may have had the answer all along.

The only two treatments available for cancer at the time legal are chemotherapy and radiotherapy. With the increasing number of cancer patients, perhaps it is time to adopt a new approach to alternative treatments. We must begin to see what we have naturally and we can not artificially to fight cancer.

There has been much research on the effect of what we eat and how it may or may not cause cancer. Today the doctor say that our choices of diet and lifestyle do not affect cancer development, but that in view of the healing properties of both medical plants such as diet?

Artemisinin is the active ingredient of Chinese herb called Artemisia annua, which is currently used to treat malaria.

Used by the Chinese centuries ago, lost an ancient manuscript until 200 BC detailing their properties against malaria was found. Li Shizhen in 1596 asked her tea to gain Qing Hao to treat symptoms of malaria. In 1967, the Chinese army a study on treatments for malaria and Qing Hao ( Artemisinin ) was rediscovered as a treatment started.

Both cancer and malaria parasites sequester iron. Artemisinin contains atoms which decompose in the presence of iron. So when you administer artemisinin to a patient of his as if the detonation of a bomb cancer cancer. Only cancer cells are destroyed, healthy left alone.

A study by Life Sciences showed that artemisinin can kill 98% of cells of lung cancer in less than 16 hours.

When combined with iron, cancer is erased, but when used alone reduces breast cancer cells by up to 28%. What is even better is that artemisinin kills only cancer cells and leaves healthy cells, something that does chemotherapy. Another great advantage is that from the studies that have been done, has not minimal side effects, unlike chemotherapy, , which wreaks havoc on the body .

The biggest problem here is why are natural therapies are not approved and implemented? Cancer takes no prisoners, affecting old and young. Surely we should be doing everything possible to find a cure and not making cancer treatment for the money?

There are a number of natural therapies that have been known to help with the treatment of cancer, but the big drug companies refuse to invest money to try these natural remedies because there is money involved.

French drugmaker Sanofi, are currently trying to produce 50 to 60 tons a year, they expect would be enough to supply the world market. If you are able to mass produce the drug, but still maintain quality, while sending worldwide there is a good chance that help cancer patients without the unpleasant side effects than current treatments offer.

is the time to recognize the wonders of modern medicine while respecting all the gifts that Mother Nature has given us, and perhaps in time, the use of both.

By Holly W.

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