This Amazing Woman Called VANGA Transferred Her Powers: “In My Dream Occurs and Everything She Says is TRUE”

The Vanga grandmother continued to communicate after his death.

Fimka Gogova – Mikhailov, the first neighbor of the famous Bulgarian prophetess Vangelie Panda Dimitrova lizard known as Vanga grandmother says that in 20 years every night dreaming and everything that she says she is in a dream – is achieved .

That is, three days ago at the Cultural Center in Strumica-Macedonia, to promote his new book Testimonials of vanga “.

Mikhailova was born in 1942 in Strumica, hence the famous prophetess Vanga grandmother’s. Their friendship dates back to the 60s of last century and lasted until the death of the grandmother Vanga 1966 .

born in a house that was almost attached to the house Aunt Vanga. She was the same age as my mother. As a kid, my mother told me a lot about her. The first time I saw her was in 1962, and eight years later, when her husband died Dimitar, who moved to the Bulgarian town of Petrich -. Mikhailov witness

Granny Vanga and she was very close.

– Mutua told us about each other dreams, and his thoughts, he spoke in unison. The last time was in May 1996, before he died. I arrived at the village of Rupite with pie, because it is well said. Aunt Vanga was a vegetarian, and she loved meatless meals – stuffed peppers, stuffed cabbage, and sweet – sweet fig, strawberry and other fruit- recalls Fimka Gogh -. Mikhailov

With Granny Wanga continued to communicate after his death.

– Twenty years is a dream every night. Dreams described in the book “Family and destiny.” Talk to her. She says. “That’s not all, Fimka substances vision” Everything they said in a dream, that’s what happened – hard Fimka Gogh – Mikhailov, makes two years published its first book “Vanga and I”, which has achieved great success in Macedonia.


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