This 85-Year-Old Woman Had A Hunchback For Decades. THIS Fixed It!

As people age, they are resigned to live with the numerous types of age-related problems and pain. And Anna Pesce, of course, was one of them. For many years, she has been living with scoliosis, herniated disc, and osteoporosis, causing a terrible hump, which prevented him from walking. In 2014, while he was climbing the stairs to visit their children, she collapsed. Immediately after the accident, he had felt a terrible pain and she was put into a wheelchair and taken down the stairs for the rest of your visit.


But according to Anna, was enough. She visited a chiropractor and tried acupuncture, but without success. Then he decided to give an opportunity to certified yoga instructor, named Rachel Jesien, 28, who had specialized in back care. That was exactly what Anna needed.


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They meet once a week. During her training, Rachel Anna grandmother taught some restorative poses, as savasana chair and child’s pose. And after a month, Anna was able to walk again.

According to Rachel, after 2 months, Anna knew what exercises to do when he felt unusual pain. For example, when he felt pain in the hip, he sat in the chair immediately and start doing the pose ankle to ankle.

Only after four months, Anna was doing modified stop head. We do not forget that we are talking about the grandmother of 85-year-old who could not walk by herself only a few months ago.


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Rachel says that yoga, in combination with the certified training and proper guidance could strengthen muscles, increase bone density and relieve back pain. He had experienced all the benefits of yoga to relieve back pain because she had suffered from scoliosis as well.

However, in 2010, as yoga for back care was discovered, it is understood that yoga was the only solution for her. 2 years after their first meeting, Rachel and Anna keep up with working together once a week.

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