Think Yourself Well

Positive thinking can help relieve pain, improve physical fitness, and preventing disease. Herbalist and hypnotherapist Anastasia Stephens explains nine ways of thinking himself better.

athletic performance

A new Australian study suggests that the fastest speed that athletes achieve when taking performance-enhancing drugs is all in the mind. The study compared athletes on growth hormones with those given a placebo. Those who took dummy pills ran faster, jumped higher and were able to lift heavier than those taking hormones pesos. The results imply that if you think it will work better, it really is. That is not new to many professional athletes who for years have used creative visualization to increase performance. “If you visualize being stronger, running faster or winning, prime your nervous system to do just that,” says Dr. Aimee Kimball, director of mental training in sports medicine at the University of Pittsburgh. “Studies have found that the method can improve physical performance significantly, sometimes by 20 percent or more.”

What to do: Visualize your next race or party. See yourself win with ease, confidence and coordination, with as much detail as possible. Feel appropriate as you play and earn emotions, and get a feeling that really “knows” that can do it. Read more

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