They Said Coconut Oil Was Great For You, But This is What They Didn’t Tell You

Coconut oil is used for various purposes, some of which include the following:

for Skin Care

1. As a lubricant:

may be used coconut oil as a natural lubricant before sex or masturbation, but is not compatible with latex so do not use it on condoms.

2. Great as a massage oil:

If you want to massage the joints simply rub in a little coconut oil as a massage oil which is pretty good.

3. Use coconut oil to heal wounds:

Coconut oil has great antibacterial properties antivirals and a thin protective film on their cuts and forms helps accelerate the healing process while preventing infection.

4. Cream Moisturising Nipple:

Put some coconut oil in a bowl and dip a cotton ball in it, apply this cotton ball round his nipples to hydrate and avoid bringing dry and cracking.

5. Use as makeup remover:

Get rid of stains easily when you put a little oil coconut on a cotton ball and use it to clean makeup.

6. How to get rid of stretch marks:

Coconut oil stretch marks will be reduced only It applied regularly for best results.

7. The use of coconut oil as a pre-Shave:

Use coconut oil before shaving to help your skin overcome razor bumps and rashes.

8. Coconut oil protects you from sunburn:

If you have sunburn you can get immediate relief when applied some coconut oil to the affected area.

9. Great as a toothpaste:

For a toothpaste to fight cavities and plaque buildup only coconut oil be mixed with baking soda and put this mixture on your toothbrush and brush away.

10. As a cure for acne:

The use of coconut oil as a face cream will reduce the stimulation of oil glands. If your skin is very dry, then dry your skin compensates for this by producing oil that can clog pores and cause acne.

11. Tattoos heal:

Coconut oil will help heal and prevent infections tattoos, but also prevent the pigment color fading.

12. Useful to prevent cradle cap:

rub some coconut oil on the scalp your baby every day and your skin to nourish and prevent cradle cap.

To Health Care

1. Helps digestion:

the saturated fats in coconut oil helps regulate parasites and fungi in their intestinal tract that can cause irritable bowel syndrome and indigestion. This fat helps promote the absorption of amino acids, vitamins and minerals in the body.

2. good breastfeeding is promoted:

As a nursing mother take about 3 ½ tablespoons coconut oil will boost milk production.

3. Great for bones and teeth

Coconut oil can increase its teeth development, helping the body absorb calcium and magnesium better and these minerals are necessary for teeth.

4. Use coconut oil to lose weight:

By consuming coconut oil saturated fats They will help curb food cravings and ultimately help you lose weight.

5. Coconut oil is a stress reliever:

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Just massage some coconut oil in a circular motion to his temple and relax in any moment.

6. Great for your gums:

can make traction oil to fight infections the gums.

7. Promotes your lungs Funtion:

fluency will increase their cell surfaces.

8. Coconut oil Nausea stops:

Believe it or not by rubbing in oil coconut inside forearms and wrists to get immediate relief from stomach upsets.

9. The nosebleeds will stop

Put some coconut oil on a cotton ball and hold it in place in the nostrils to stop nosebleeds.

10. Great for arthritis:

Coconut oil lubricates joints helping the natural fluids to be sure that your bones do not rub against each other causing arthritis.

11. It promotes insulin:

In addition, the use of blood glucose increase and also stimulates insulin secretion. This is ideal for diabetics and non-diabetics.

12. good bones and teeth is promoted

The absorption of magnesium and calcium is enhanced oil coconut and this is very good for the proper development of bones and teeth.

13. It stimulates the absorption of nutrients and vitamins:

fat-based nutrients such as vitamin D , E, a and K become more readily available to the body with coconut oil.

14. Improving fitness:

Coconut oil will boost metabolism, increase energy levels and support the proper functioning of the thyroid. This increases muscle mass and reduce fat.

Useful for your pets

  1. You can give your position about a quarter teaspoon coconut oil a day to help with their problems and parasite infestation.
  2. It deals with the problems of arthritis and ligaments in your pets.
  3. helps promote healthy skin and keeps it at bay allergic reactions.
  4. helps fight infection by fungi and yeasts such as Candida.
  5. Adding a teaspoon of coconut oil every day in the water of their cats and dogs improve your overall health.
  6. This will help relieve cough and hairballs.
  7. He will help the rapid healing of wounds and cuts disinfected.
  8. If your dog is idle, you can give a little boost of energy. As the medium chain triglycerides (MCT) found in coconut oil will increase your brain energy metabolism and reduce the accumulation of amyloid protein that is responsible for brain lesions in older dogs.
  9. it stimulates digestion and helps the absorption of vital nutrients.
  10. your pets digestive disorders such as inflammatory bowel syndrome and colitis is exempted.
  11. that helps the proper functioning of the thyroid of your pet and your balance that regulates insulin.
  12. It deals with bad breath in dogs.
  13. Enhances brightness, health and the smell of your dog’s coat.
  14. helps prevent and control diabetes.
  15. Furthermore, the energy will increase and may help promote weight loss in overweight animals.

This is also a list of other uses for coconut oil:

  1. effective Polished brass:
  2. clean your furniture bronze with a cotton towel with a little coconut oil in it to get the bronze clean.
  3. Great Insect Repellent:
  4. to repel insects simply mix a little peppermint extract and oil coconut and then rubbed in places where insects crawl and dare not go out there.
  5. As cookware condiments
  6. You can use coconut oil for cutting boards wood and oiled wooden bowls.
  7. get rid of fat: You can mix baking soda and coconut oil in equal measure to obtain a paste and simply apply it to points “greasy”. Then leave it there for about 60 seconds, then scrub with a sponge the stain is gone.
  8. Used in the manufacture of soap :. Use coconut oil as an important ingredient for natural homemade soap
  9. Get rid of chewing gum in the hair: Just rub little coconut oil in chewing gum is stuck in your hair, then leave it for about 30 minutes, after which you must roll the gum between your fingertips.
  10. Use in furniture polishing :. To polish your wood furniture, only coconut oil be mixed with fresh lemon juice
  11. Have your sofa leather clean and moisturized.
  12. Use in seasoning animal hide drums

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