They Opened Up A Giant Wasp Nest. What They Find Inside Is Seriously Terrifying

# 1 Cool Project

Dan is one of those cool dads trying to teach their children things the more interactive way.


# 2 Application of a Wasp Nest

That is why I decided to get a hornet’s nest through eBay. Yes, you can actually buy this kind of stuff on eBay, and this particular one was $ 30, and include Wisconsin.

Just so you can get an idea of ​​how big was this hornet’s nest, this is how it looks next to a basketball and a soccer ball.

Dan starts to gradually cut with a bread knife … kids can not wait to see what’s inside.


They are surprised by the internal structure of the hornet’s nest, now let’s take a closer look.


These are small chambers where the larvae grow before becoming wasps. The son of Dan was terrified after he realized that there was a dead wasp inside!

Here’s another angle. Is not it amazing how the wasps can build these complex structures so fast?

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