Although running is considered one of the most effective workouts to lose weight and get your body in shape , believe it or not, a series of high-intensity exercise will do more for their appearance than going to run.


These six exercises can help make a great body shape without running or jogging. So if you are not too interested in jogging or running to tone your body shape you may want to stay and find out what these exercises is six.

Exercises 6 amazing magic for BODY SHAPE

1. Mountaineering

Yes! mountaineering involve the whole body. From the brain to the limbs that will really give your whole body a work out. It will increase blood circulation and will really tone your core, arms and leg muscles.

2. Exercises jumping rope

If you want to burn a lot of calories in your body, increase endurance and give your heart a good job then you should try to jump. It will increase blood circulation and give your cardiovascular system a good race out.

3. Make the sprints knee high

You can make high sprint knee is like running very fast, but is stopped and you go burn a lot of calories in the process. Your heart rate accelerates to a level that is even more than when actually jogging or running. While this exercise you may like to increase your speed instead of keeping one step is done.

4. To take Burpees

you really going to turn the whole body system when you try burpees. You will increase your stamina and will give your central area of ​​the body a good job. Burpee is similar to that above-downs makes only an additional angle jump.

You can speed up your exercise after a couple of games. It is recommended that treats about 100 daily burpees for better results and within seven days you will notice a big difference in your body tone.

5. Doing long jumps

Now you have enough space for this to be effective to try to go outside for this exercise. You have to go very far as far as possible. That will ensure that we secure your feet firmly on the ground before attempting to jump as far as possible. Try to do 10 to 20 jumps every day if possible. With long jumps, balance and coordination is improved; It can also strengthen the whole body and give your lower body a good tone in the process.

6. The Tuck Jumps Try

You can do this exercise at home, because it does not need much space. It is effective to increase strength and burn those unwanted calories. Only he extended his arms to his forehead and when it jumps to try pulling the knees up and try to touch your knees with your hands. Try as many jumps as you can and see the amazing results from it.


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