These 5 Horrible Things Are Caused By Microwave Ovens, And You’ve Probably Had No Idea!

Reaching for a frozen from the freezer incoming, reading the simple instructions on the back, and popping in the microwave oven can lead to a meal that had a total of three minutes. And it is a modern convenience used in many American homes. According to the Southwest Museum of Engineering, Communications and Computation (SMECC), more than 95 percent of American households own a microwave oven as it is seen as “almost impossible / difficult enough” without.

Here’s the problem: while its frozen meal may consist of products type Lean Cuisine with healthy and low-calorie ingredients, how to cook food directly affects the amount of nutrients your body consumes. This common appliance can significantly zap the nutritional value of food and health, leaving you susceptible to developing health complications due to the use of continuous microwave, and asking the question: is the convenience is worth sacrificing your health

1. mICROWAVE ZAP food nutrition

heat your food in the microwave can be stripped of their original nutrients. What may have begun as a nutritious bowl of food has become “dead food” due to microwave dielectric heating.

“They bounce around inside your [microwave] oven and are absorbed by the food you put into it, ,” writes Dr. Joseph M. Mercola, a surgeon. Water molecules rotate quickly in the microwave and the food at high frequencies creating molecular friction and heats the food. This makes the molecular structure of food to change, and as a result reduces the nutrient content in food.

2. MICROWAVE DESTROY breast milk and vitamin B-12

The health benefits of vitamin B-12 are denied instantly once heated in a microwave. In a study published in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry , the researchers decided to examine the effects of microwave heating in the loss of vitamin B-12 in foods such as raw meat, pork and milk. The study results show that there was a loss of vitamin 30-40 percent when food received exposure to microwaves. The change of vitamin B-12 to an inactive form of the vitamin is found in foods during microwave heating.

The powerful agents of fighting bacteria in breast milk are also destroyed by heating.Findings microwave published in the journal Pediatrics considered the common practice of using a microwave to heat frozen breast milk for convenience in intensive care units. Researchers tested 22 fresh frozen human milk samples to test for lysozyme activity and antibody heating the samples for 30 seconds either in an environment of low or high power. We found that breast milk in the microwave at high temperatures for greater E coli growth – 18 times more than the control (unmicrowaved) breast milk. Microwaving at low temperature also drastically decreased lysozyme activity and also promoted the growth of harmful bacteria for babies.

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3. MICROWAVE CREATE food carcinogens

When the head foods that are wrapped in plastic in the microwave, you can create carcinogens in food. Based on research studies and Russian Germans, the Russian government issued a warning about the health hazards of microwave ovens can have on the human body and the environment. Mounting microwavable food found to contain toxic chemicals such as BPA, terpthalate polyethylene (PET), benzene, toluene, and xylene said Plastic containers used for heating microwave meals have been found to release carcinogens, along with other harmful toxins in food which is then absorbed by the body.

4. Microwaves can change the composition of their blood

In a clinical study in Switzerland, researchers found that changes in the blood in people who consumed milk and vegetable heated. The eight participants in the study ate a variety of foods prepared in different ways, including food heated in the microwave. The study results showed decreased red blood cells while the white blood cell levels increased together with cholesterol levels. Non-ionizing radiation of a microwave can affect changes in the blood and heart rate.

5. Microwaves can alter heart rate

Microwaves can produce effects on your body instantly due to radiation 2.4GHz – frequency of the radiation emitted by microwave ovens. A study by Dr. Magda Havas’s, Trent University found the radiation levels emitted by microwave affect both heart rate and heart rate variability. These levels are within federal safety guidelines, but tend to cause immediate and dramatic changes in heart rate. If you experience irregular heartbeat or chest pain and regularly eat processed foods in the microwave, it would be best to stop using.

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