There Is a Cure for Diabetes: The Tree of Life 21-Day+ Program [Paperback]

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“With this book, Gabriel Cousens, MD, takes its place one of the leading medical-healers of the world. a summary of his thirty-five years a lot of clinical experience, there is a cure for diabetes presents a practical approach, comprehensive and highly effective holistic approach to treat and cure a disease more Frequently. it is the largest contribution to the management of diabetes that I found in forty years since I started my medical training. “
-Dr. Rob Ivker, DO, ABHM, co-founder and former president of the American Board of Holistic Medicine and author of Sinus Survival

“Gabriel Cousens, MD, has clearly established itself as the most important medical authorities world diabetes. Your Tree of Life, has been shown to completely reverse type 2 diabetes and significantly increase the condition of these struggling with type 1 diabetes. ”
David Wolfe, author of Eating for beauty and success system of diet and founder of Sunfood Sunfood Nutrition Foundation Planting fruit trees

“There is abundant evidence that people with diabetes long data even can dramatically improve your health-and virtually reverse their condition. Gabriel Cousens, MD, explains the simplest way to deal with this disease through the intervention of lifestyle, which explains how a drop in fat, vegetarian diet could save your life. there is a cure for diabetes is certainly an extraordinary tool that will make suggestions within his trip to fight diabetes and regain their health. “
-Neal Barnard, MD, Committee physicians for Responsible Medicine

“As a physician who may have treated diabetes for nearly thirty years, that lets you know for sure how standard and management of this disease medical protocols are not only inadequate, are absurd. In sharp contrast, Gabriel Cousens, MD, has developed a protocol to successfully restore health insurance and welfare of diabetics, saving the anguish and agony of unnecessary and unavoidable amputations, obesity, blindness and premature death. If you follow his advice in which there is a remedy for diabetes provides diabetics with their disease freedom and enriches the quality of the products of their lives. “
-Daniel Nuchovich, MD, director of Jupiter Medical Center and Gardens the Institute of Jupiter with the healing arts

“the great thing about the work of Gabriel is that not only is proposing an interesting theory to people who are cured of diabetes are proof that the quickwork. truths in [There is often a Cure for Diabetes] go behind the diabetes-they are a reasonable lifestyle choice for all human beings “
-The Mother magazine

” It is not really a cure for diabetes :. The Tree of Life Program for 21 days + of Gabriel Cousens, MD, prescribed fasting and a low glycemic index diet low score of insulin. “
-Publishers weekly

” massive full of information and references to studies and other scientific work that could turn his face. [Cousens’] a lot of tireless scientific research of its food community life is a precious gift for all those seeking a much healthier way of life. However, you will quickly realize no cure for diabetes is certainly an excellent book to get a raw foodist library. “!
-raw Food now

” Gabriel Cousens book ‘may not be a cure for Diabetes: The Tree of Life Program 21 days +, is a comprehensive guide to not afford diabetes, but to learn to live without it. It is, as the author explains, is to embrace a culture of life rather than a culture of death. In reading this book, do not expect a moderate approach to lifestyle changes, the addition of this, or subtracting it-is the total physical and spiritual transformation. “

Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD (H), DD, is often an author doctor of holistic medicine, best-selling, and founder and director with the tree of life and tree Foundation of life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona. the host with the radio programs “doctor with Soul” and “Building peace by being peace” is McDougal of several books including Eat with awareness, spiritual nourishment, and green rainbow live-Food kitchen.

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