The Truth Behind the Raw Food Diet

( – If switching to a raw vegan diet? Some health experts do claims great health, longevity and weight loss with a diet of raw foods, but is it really a healthy way and sustainable life?

Both sides of this health movement have compelling arguments, but more agreed that this type of restrictive diet is harmful to your health and could result in long-term consequences.

supporters raw foods are a small subset of the population vegan and vegetarian who believe cooking food destroys the essential nutrients and enzymes. Followers use food dehydrators sprout grains , and finish preparing raw versions of cakes and dishes. Proponents of this diet claim that vital food properties are fully destroyed at high temperatures.

Some of the statements are true , but offer the advantage that the demand does. However, most of their claims are refuted by medical and science.

The raw food movement claims that “cooked food equals dead food.”

They argue that enzymes in food completely killed 116 ℉ and “cooked food equals dead food.” They claim that these enzymes “ aid in digestion and absorption of food ” and that without them will not get the full nutritional benefits of the foods you eat.

is is true enzymes in foods are destroyed in the cooking process. is not certainly needed. plant enzymes are not intended to aid in human digestion. They are there to help the plant with its processes.

Humans have their own enzymes to help digest food. The consumption of plant foods does not help with enzymes intact human processes. In addition, live plant enzymes are probably destroyed by stomach acid anyway.

Dr. Edward Howell was a food enzyme researcher born in 1898. He was the first to advance the theory that beings humans are born with a finite number of possibilities for creation of the enzyme. He advocated eating raw food for living plant enzymes used in digestion instead of their own. He argued that eating raw food retains its own enzymes that allows you to live longer.

Cooking food softens the cell walls of fruits and vegetables; which makes them easier to digest. Softened cell walls also require less of its own enzymes in the digestion process. If the theory of the production of the enzyme Limited Dr. Howell is true, it would mean that eating cooked food retains its enzymes-the opposite of their ideas.

But do not worry; unless your pancreas is damaged or you have some other digestive problem your body will produce enough enzymes for a long life.

If your digestion has changed and you are worried that your body is not producing suitable enzymes, can get tested stool. (If there is a deficiency there are several different types of supplements that can get your body back on track.)

enthusiasts raw foods say cooking food creates toxins .

Some toxins are created by the cooking, especially overcooking, grilled or charring meat and fish, but the toxic effects are mitigated by consuming any fresh fruits and vegetables .

also some produce toxins naturally in foods and the body has ways of removing them. The raw foodist statement that cooked foods contain toxins is true, but to prevent toxins, simply stop eating meat .

By contrast, some raw foods contain unfavorable elements that are eliminated by cooking. The successful writer of books on nutrition and nutrient expert Dr. Joel Fuhrman explains why the kitchen can be beneficial

“cooking destroys some of the harmful anti-nutrients that bind minerals in the intestine and interfere with nutrient utilization. the destruction of these anti-nutrients increases absorption”.

heating food destroys harmful pathogens washing alone can not eliminate. A report by the Food and Drug Administration found that since the Americans began consuming products more raw in the 1970s, foodborne diseases from products has increased.

Early in the decade of disco, health experts encouraged people to include more fruits and raw vegetables and salad bars appeared throughout the country. Americans began consuming more than 30 percent more food-and increased raw food borne diseases.

The raw food movement says it will lose weight.

This is true. This weight loss with a raw food diet. Digestion of raw food takes up to 30 percent more calories. That sounds very desirable, but proponents of raw foods tend to be smaller and may be suffering from malnutrition !

You may wonder how this is possible. Some vegetables should be cooked to increase the body’s ability to access these nutrients. This is called bioavailability . Bioavailability is important because modern humans consume fewer calories than ancient humans, but they need the same amount of nutrients.

In other words, since most people are not chasing their food is more or plow their fields, which do not require the same amount of calories. Because they need the same vitamins, they need to get more vitamins every calorie. It’s hard to eat enough food to get all your vitamins on a raw diet.

Since fruits and vegetables are so low in calories, raw foods advocates often find it difficult to eat enough calories to maintain itself. Not to mention the extra calories involved in the digestion of raw food. It sounds as raw diet is eating at a full time job.

The consumption of raw vegetables will burn more calories in digestion and helps you lose weight. Add more raw fruits and vegetables to your diet instead of going totally raw.

raw food advocates argue that this diet should be the best because the cavemen ate raw.

This is true … ish; 1.8 million years (about one hundred thousand years) ago ancient humans ate raw foods. They had not yet control the fire and could not cook their food. Their brains were significantly smaller and were not intelligent human creatures are today. Scientists are more or less agree that cooking food triggered a change in humans called evolution .

When humans took control of the fire, which started cooking their food. Their bodies had additional fuel from the digestion process simplified to feed their brains grow and became more intelligent. This theory also states that by providing more energy to the brain is the largest stomach contracted because less digestion was carried out.

The modern human brain requires about one-fifth of all calories eating. Controlling heat and cook food allowed the further development of evolution.

Switching to a raw food diet will not change back into an ancient human, but his body has evolved through evolution to use efficiently cooked food. is a good idea to feed your machine type of fuel that is better equipped to use.

Eating raw food is not bad, raw fruits and vegetables are very healthy and some hard raw fiber is good for digestion. The raw food movement advocates 80-100 percent raw, and this end is not healthy. it is best to eat a combination of cooked and raw products. Your body will reap different benefits from the different states of food.

Cook carrots, tomatoes and leafy green vegetables to maximize their nutritional potential.

Coma broccoli, garlic and nuts premium to get the best benefits they have to offer.

Do not go completely raw, a healthy environment of raw and cooked food is more nutritious than either extreme.

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