The Taco Cleanse Diet Book – Tortilla-Based Diet

The Taco Cleanse is a diet based on tortilla tongue in cheek described in a recently published book. Here is our review of this seemingly crazy diet. Find out why they say this diet of blocks will change your life.

What is cleaning Taco?

The Taco Cleanse is a diet tortilla that was created by a group of dedicated scientists Taco “in Austin, Texas,” according to the book’s description.

Full details of the diet can be found in an e-book online ($ 7.16 on your Kindle) or through a paperback ($ 11.60 on Amazon).

The book is currently number one on the best-selling “cooking humor” on book. It was released on December 1, 2015.

The book is far from being serious: it is an authentic recipe book if you like tacos, and yes, there are healthy heels in mind. But you do not, you will not actually cleanse your body eating tacos for every meal. We are sorry.

The Taco clean originally started as an online blog. Over time, the creators of the blog decided to launch their collection of recipes as a book.

How Taco cleaning work?

The Taco clean claims that by eat vegan tacos for 30 consecutive days, you can clean and detoxify your body and enjoy all the health benefits that come with cleaning.

To help with that goal, the book includes 75 recipes using vegetarian tacos help you eat healthy taco for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All these tacos putting a healthy twist on a favorite Mexican dish.

The Taco Cleanse is a humorously diets clean , but contains real information about making and eating tacos. Some of the basic lessons included in the book are:

– How to do everything from tortilla, including flour, corn, and waffles

– How to make and drink supplements ” refreshing “as margaritas and other drinks” that best complement their tacos “

– what to put in your omelette, as Portobello mushrooms battered beer, mac and cheese, or even tater

– How to remake popular staples plugs as picadillo, tacos al pastor, beef stew, fish tacos and using plants instead of animals

the ultimate goal of the diet is to eat one or more blocks at each meal “margaritas adding that necessary.” The tacos using vegan ingredients to use instead of meat.

is the actual cleaning Taco?

The Taco Cleanse is a sense of humor diet and cleanliness, but it is not a totally fictional book.

tacos and tortillas are versatile ingredients. It can be done in many different ways to support different diet goals. In addition, the tortilla itself is relatively low in calories, which means that most health benefits come from what’s inside the taco.

Some people even exchange the traditional omelet for a lettuce leaf or a corn tortilla, which basically just turns the tortilla or taco delivery system of nutritional benefits.

Ultimately, the book is intended to provide plenty of tasty, healthy recipes and at the same time poking fun at our diet-obsessed culture. Yes, you can lose weight and cleanse your body by eating tacos with every meal -. But we must eat the right cues

To give you an idea of ​​the kinds of nutrition lessons advocated in El Taco clean, this is what the food pyramid looks like this:


Displays Taco Cleanse recipes

Here are some recipes that you would expect to find in the book Taco Clean:

– Fancy Guacamole
– Jack White Guacamole
– Mexico smashed potatoes
– Mighty Migas
– Nooch Tacos embedded potato sweet black beans, kale and avocado
– Perfect Recipe potato Hack

the Price of Taco Cleanse

the Taco Cleanse is available at, where it is priced at the following rates for Kindle books electronic and paperback:

– eBook Kindle: $ 7.16
– Paperback: $ 11.60

watches in the book of 224 pages al.

who wrote the Taco Cleanse?

The Taco Cleanse was created by four based in Austin “researchers tacos” named Wes Allison, Stephanie Bogdanich, Molly R. Frisinger, and Jessica Morris.

The book was published by the experiment. Today, it ranks as the best-selling Amazon in Books> Cooking Book, as well as Books> Cookbooks> Mexican, and number two best-selling books in Books> Humor> Parodies.

The Taco Cleanse may seem like a parody: but it is a serious collection of vegan recipes to use anyone can use to be healthier. I mean, how many people they can legitimately say they ate tacos all day for cleaning your diet?

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