The “Snooze” Button Is Harmful For You !


alarm is activated on but you want to sleep for a little longer. Then press the snooze button and slept for several minutes. Although you are getting more sleep you feel more tired when he finally wakes up.

In a world where there are no alarms body naturally wakes up because of their biological clock. This watch works in a way that makes us sleepy at the same time during the day. Depending on how and when our body is used for sleeping. As sleepiness, the clock also functions as a natural alarm.

A couple of hours before we awaken our body is preparing for that process. Rinsed sleep, body temperature increases and the creation of the hormones cortisol and dopamine starts.

The problem with the alarms is that they stop awakening natural sleep cycle stops. In this way the body is caught unprepared. This is the reason why all of us, press the snooze button.

press the snooze button brings more harm than comfort and that is why it should be lifted immediately. Pressing the snooze button will take you tired during the day.

Go to bed earlier so you do not have to feel tired the next day.

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