The Science Behind Power Naps & Why They’re So Good For You

Dream it is still something of an enigma in the scientific world. – the right way to sleep to why we need the sleep study still has a long way to go before we fully understand its complexities

As HHL notes approximately 85% of all mammal species sleep more than once a day, and scientists are not entirely clear whether humans are naturally unlike polyphase phase. It has modern society conditions us to be so, as has influenced many other aspects of our health?

If we examine the issue from a historical perspective, the work of historian Roger Ekirch of Virginia Tech is a good start. In 2001, a document that included more than 15 years of research was published. an overwhelming amount of historical evidence that reveals that humans used to sleep, in fact, in two separate blocks of time was cited. You can read more about this (and access the paper) here .

Regardless of our historical sleep habits, however, is quite clear that many humans suffer from a lack of sleep for several reasons, one of them very well might not have time during the day to have a nap.

Several studies have clearly indicated the many health benefits associated with siesta. For example, one study 2008 showed that naps are Best of Caffeine to improve verbal memory, motor skills and perceptual learning.

A NASA study from 1995 ( pdf ) analyzed the beneficial effects of naps on 747 pilots. Each participant was allowed to nap for 40 minutes during the day, sleep on average of 25.8 minutes (which is just about right). Pinchers “demonstrated improvements in performance monitoring 16% in average reaction time lapse 34% compared to the group without rest.”

In a study conducted in Greece, researchers found that adult males who took a nap at least three times a week were 37% less likely to die of heart-related versus disease with men who never take a nap in the afternoon.

The health benefits of napping are clear and substantial. You can find more information about the benefits of post HHL here .

nap Then a TEDx talk shows by Dr. Sara Mednick, assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of California, Riverside. His work in sleep research continues to shape the way we understand the importance of healthy sleep hygiene. In his talk, he argues for everyone to take a break.

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