The Reason Women in China Do Not Have Breast Cancer!

why women in chine don't have breast cancer

Jane Plant She is a wife and a mother and at the same time is a recognized expert and professor of geochemistry. Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 42, in 1987.

The first prognosis was that this cancer will end both his career and his life. However, he refused to give up, and was determined to fight this disease.

Jane implemented some changes in your lifestyle, and she followed a specific diet regimen. Because of this the changes that managed to save his life, and now she wants to spread their experience and raise awareness of people.

Jane’s husband, who is an experienced and renowned scientist was working in China at the time he was diagnosed. He began doing research on why rates of breast cancer in women in China are so low. He succeeded in finding the cure for cancer. Although many people find this very controversial method, which is now public and everyone can use it and save their lives.

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The story of Jane

Chinese universities Jane had sent letters, cards and amazing herbal suppositories, which were supposed to help fight cancer . She remembers that they laughed a lot, because they believed these suppositories actually going to help her with her cancer. Jane wondered why women in China do not develop breast cancer. After doing some research, they learned of an investigation by the 1980s that found that only 14% of the calories in the Chinese always diet is fat, compared with 36% of the calories in the Western diet. However, Jane’s diet before his cancer was rich in fiber and low in fat, and knew fats increase the risk of developing breast cancer.


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