The Reason Why People With Blood Type 0 Are So Special.


People with type 0 blood are predisposed to certain health problems such as ulcers, thyroid dysfunction, low level of hormones in the thyroid gland and iodine deficiency. This causes a lot of unwanted effects, such as obesity, water retention, and even tumors.

What makes this so unique blood type?

In Japan, this blood type has long been associated with a particular personality type. Japanese often asked about their blood type when interviewing for a job! People with blood group 0 is most often described as a responsible, committed, organized, focused, conscience and practice. It is believed to be targeted better and are better logic. That’s because their ancestors were hunters who had to observe and accurately assess the environment in order to be able to survive. As already mentioned, people with this blood type are predisposed for certain diseases such as ulcers and thyroid dysfunction.

In addition, they often have a low level of hormones in the thyroid gland and iodine deficiency. They also have higher levels of acid in the stomach than other blood types, often results in stomach irritation and stomach ulcers. Stress can be caused by excessive anger and hyperactivity. People with this blood type are more vulnerable to destructive behavior when they are too tired, depressed or bored. This can include gambling, thrill seeking, risk-taking and impulsivity. Caffeine and alcohol should be avoided. Caffeine can be particularly harmful because raising adrenaline and noradrenaline, which are already high levels in people with this blood type. regular physical activity is required 3 to 4 times a week …

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