The Real Heart Of Africa

is everything ready for Christmas morning? Are you relax and do things you enjoy with friends and family? I hope it, AOS as a fun time for you as it is for me.

Christmas is a time for family and being thankful, and to reflect on what we are grateful.

While I am full for Africa, I, AOM feel very grateful for the opportunity I have to be involved with children and families we support through the foundation Kimbra.

So I wanted to write to let you know that I, Äôll keep you updated with photos and stories so you can see the success of these children are having, and what everyone, AOS generous participation means these children.

Kimbra We founded two years ago with private money, but in 2014 we were able to open to public funding. We were very grateful to everyone who poured their hearts into Kimbra and made a donation.

Kimbra, AOS original purpose was to help the very poor orphaned children to have an education. We are very pleased to be able to step in where we are needed. As you know, Barbara work full-time AOS is charity work since I became Miss Uganda.

These special children are very grateful and happy for your continued health and education that their generosity has given them grace, ¶

through her work, she, AOS experienced the worst circumstances very young children go through when they have lost both parents to war and disease.

Children are left alone, without access to health or education.

Kimbra is proud to support and fund both a health clinic at school and primary school New African Child.

The clinic helps children, but also serves a greater purpose. You see, the school is located in the center of Kampala Uganda. Often, friends and families need the same care as children. The clinic is often overwhelmed by the needs of the community. That, AOS why we are grateful for everyone who even gave a small amount. Every little bit helps.

Kimbra had recently supported more than a dozen children, and the numbers are growing. Hopefully, we can help all children grow up healthy and educated. In total, Kimbra deals with 300 children in the school clinic, they can now get care 7 days a week, thanks to their generous support.

Barbara and I are more excited about spending more time at the Children’s School of African and New wellness clinic there.

Until then, thank you again for all, Aove done by Kimbra Foundation, have a Merry Christmas morning, and thanks for all your support and good wishes.

To your good health,
Al Sears, MD
Dr. Al Sears, MD,

Co-Founder, Foundation Kimbra

Al Sears, MD

Barbara Kimbugwe

President and Co-Founder, Foundation Kimbra

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