According to Dr. Neil Grafstein , assistant professor of urology at Mount Sinai`s Hospital in New York city, frequency of urine can reveal much about its systematic health ..

how often should one pee?

Generally, there is a certain number of times to pee. However, people often urinate six to eight times a day. In addition, a number of factors that have an impact on the frequency of micturition, such as hydration and how hydrate.

For example, people who drink more water, usually urinate more often. In addition, those who consume alcohol, coffee and other foods and beverages, which act as bladder irritants will urinate more frequently.Furthermore, people with sensitive bladders heading to the bathroom as soon as you feel the slightest impulse. In addition, there are those who are able to keep your pee until your bladder is about to explode. Can you urinate too often?

People who urinate 11 times a day, or more, after drinking two liters of fluid may possibly have a problem with urination. Often, frequent urination can occur as a result of overactive bladder that causes the urge to urinate a lot. However, Dr. Grafstein says that we are able to train our bladder, but only if you don`t have problems with incontinence.

Other data related to urine

  • holding the urine is not bad, unless it starts to cause pain.
  • Regularly holding the urine can lead to bladder infections
  • The normal color of urine is clear yellow.
  • certain foods can change the color of your urine (blackberries can change to pink).
  • The asparagus can make your urine odor.
  • pee is 95% water.
  • sweet smell of urine is a sign of diabetes
  • The average flow of urine is about seven seconds.
  • The urine stream becomes weaker as you age.
  • also urinate more as you get older.

Avoid drinking fluids before bedtime to avoid interrupted sleep of urination.

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