The Magic Homemade Recipe For Fastest Hair Growth! 3 Ingredients Only

Hair loss and baldness have always been related to old age. That might have been true for many decades. However, with the lifestyle, pollution, stress, food and toxins from our modern times, it is no longer the case. People are losing hair, even at his young age.


Indeed, hair loss and baldness is one of the biggest concerns among people of both sexes. It affects our levels of self confidence and our own positive perception of ourselves takes a beating. We do our best to achieve our old look, but without success.

In addition, we used all those chemicals based products available on the market. Rather than provide a long term solution, causing more damage. Hair transplantation may be an option, but it is so expensive that most of us can not afford.

Moreover, hair loss often affects self-esteem of people and how they perceive themselves. In fact, when this happens, people try all kinds of things to restore its previous appearance, but usually fail. For example, different shampoos, salves, and even hair transplantation as a last resort are some methods; However they cost a lot of money and not always successful; Therefore, this recipe is something completely new and 100% effective. Besides being inexpensive, it is also easy to prepare.

is required:

2 tablespoons of castor oil
1 egg yolk
1 tablespoon of organic raw honey

mix the ingredients in a bowl until well blended.


Massaging the scalp with the mixture thoroughly and carefully and apply the remaining mixture into the remaining hair. After this, cover the hair with a shower cap and leave for 3 hours. After spending 3 hours, wash hair as usual. You need to practice this method twice a week and the results will be visible in just 2 months!

For decades, castor oil has been used in the fight against hair loss. In addition, it is rich in antibacterial and antifungal properties; therefore, it is also very potent against folliculitis, infections of the scalp, and dandruff. What’s more, this oil is rich in ricinoleic acid, which bettors blood flow to the scalp and hair growth accelerates. Furthermore, it has been shown that castor oil is able to improve hair growth up to 5 times.

The egg yolk has an abundance of amino acids and proteins that allow rapid and healthy hair growth as well as biotin which renews the follicles and hair roots.

Honey is an excellent antioxidant with strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Moreover, these properties, coupled with the natural wax, honey make a great conditioner and an excellent aid in preventing hair loss.

Therefore, the mixture of these powerful ingredients can do wonders for hair growth. The only thing to do is prepare the mixture and watch hair grow like never before!


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