The Lemon Diet: How To Lose 20 Pounds Using Lemon?

Back in 2013, I saw Beyonce on Oprah when she was talking about her new movie, Dreamgirls?.

In the interview, Beyoncé spoke of how he was preparing for the film, and how she managed to lose weight just by drinking lemonade.

I started thinking, if Beyonce can do, I can do it too.

Now, the lemon diet has been around much longer than that, but it was Beyonce who made it popular.

From what I know, which was originally developed 50 years ago by Stanley Burroughs.

The lemon diet was originally developed to cleanse the body of toxins and weight loss is just a side effect.

However, the results are extraordinary.

In just two weeks, I lost 16 pounds (Beyonce lost 20).

And if you like to do so, I recommend the diet. Let guide you through it.

Get ready!

Now, like everything else in life, success depends mainly on good preparation.

The same premise applies to the lemon diet, which has to provide the master cleanse.

You surely do not want to go pizzas, burgers and soft drinks only lemonade.

And while actually can, it will be a big blow and shock to your body.

Therefore, you want to take it easy, and take at least two or three days to remove all processed foods from your diet gradually.

During the first two or three days, change their processed fruits and vegetables that are preparing for mass limit calorie foods.

also want to try to reduce their caffeine intake slowly until the complete stop during the diet.


Now, once he is prepared mentally and physically, you can start the diet.

All you need is spring water, maple syrup, salt, pepper and cayenne sea, of course, the freshly squeezed lemon juice.

To the mixture of lemonade, you want between 12 and 14 tablespoons fresh lemon juice, half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and 12-14 tablespoons maple syrup, all mixed with 2 liters of water.

The amount of mixture is sufficient to last for one day.

When you feel hungry, get a glass of the mixture.

You need to drink the same amount every day.

For best results, you can drink a salt water flush.

For the discharge of salt water, 1 liter of regular water and 1 tablespoon sea salt is needed.

Be careful, once you drink the flush will experience bowel movement, so make sure you are at home when the color mixing drinks.

Once you have finished the lemon diet, I recommend trying other juices to detoxify and cleanse the liver .

What can you eat during the lemon diet?

One of the most important things during the lemon diet is that you can not eat solid food.

For those of you who can not go through two weeks without solid food, try to incorporate the lemon diet for at least two to four days.

For those of you who will try to go through the whole experience “two weeks”, the only food that can be consumed during the master cleanse plan is lemonade, food and fruits and vegetables not processed.

Fruits and vegetables are allowed on the first day, allowing your body to relieve the diet.

Preferably, raw vegetables and fruits will.

From day 2 onwards, only want the mixture of lemon juice, about 3 liters of it.

After you have finished the lemon diet, you want 3 liters of orange juice on the first day, and fruits and vegetables on the second day.

This helps the body to rebalance. As provided in your regular diet, eating cereal and oatmeal.

Important notes

  • should not follow the diet for more than two weeks (10 days being the preferred optimal)
  • If you are having health problems and diseases acute, consult your doctor before following the diet
  • before starting the diet, completely get rid of caffeine
  • This is a detox diet, not a plan of loss of weight, that means you will probably recover some of the lost weight after returning to their normal diet.
  • Want to follow the diet on a clear timetable. Avoid lemon diet during the busy periods and holidays. You want a relaxed atmosphere.

pros and cons

Let’s start with some of the benefits of lemon diet at first.

The main benefit is the rapid weight loss, which is great for some people, because they are preparing for an important event (hello weddings).

Once the excess weight is lost, you can easily work himself into a balanced diet and exercise to maintain optimum weight.

However, weight loss is only one of the main benefits, the other is the detoxification process.

was getting rid of all the toxins and fat deposits in your body.

And if you like more than the lemon diet, I have some other detox foods for you to try.

With detoxification, they are also relieving your body of stomach disorders, asthma and warts.

Now, the cons or side effects.

Each diet and everything in your life has a side effect.

Nothing is 100% beneficial lemon diet included.

One of the side effects that occur during the lemon diet is fatigue, and feeling tired.

This happens because your body is not getting a lot of calories and nutrients.

You are working at minimum here, but once you get the balanced diet, you will feel good.

Finally, if you goal is to lose weight, do not forget to exercise, especially your face.

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