The Impact of Divorce on Young Children and Adolescents


By Dr. Priyanka Srivastava Psychology

When marriages do not work despite all efforts made to achieve a positive change, your solution divorce is inevitable. A divorce leaves distressed partners and drains but part of the family that is severely affected by such a decision is that their children. Children tend to behave in countless ways in response to a divorce. The idea of ​​separation of parents does not just assimilate unless they face the tangible results of this type of agreement.

A divorce could affect young children in the following ways: –

  1. become excessively independently Adolescents feel cheated by what parents with their decision to begin to treat them as enemies. They consider themselves as individuals with no one to look up to for help and therefore show the unusual independence in every little thing.
  2. There is a constant feeling of anxiety and insecurity- Once the parents divorce, teenagers lose confidence in them. They feel that adults are still young and selfish to think only about their own problems. They suffer from a need for attention that are too proud to admit; feelings of anxiety and insecurity are counterparts effects of such repressed emotions.
  3. tend to become aggressive Adolescents behave aggressively in the drop of a hat. His only intention is to make parents experience the tumultuous emotions they feel. They attack parents in a caustic and acerbic tone occasionally.
  4. The world in general is a family- Adolescents grow away from his family. His cranky attitude makes it so difficult for other family members to reach them than the distance continues to increase. Children in this situation, seek assistance, trust and the company of friends, teachers and society in general.
  5. They get immersed in their interests Taking a bath in the passion itself becomes the sole interest once teens reach an agreement with the divorce of their parents. You improve your talent becomes the only goal.

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