The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now


Ten years ago, the hills aired on MTV for the first time. (That’s right folks, it’s been ten whole years we can all feel old together, please !?) To celebrate this anniversary decided to do something I have not done in more than a decade; I saw the pilot episode of our show.

Although I know how it ends all, it was a little hard to see my younger struggle-I was in way over my head! He was watching us all just started, with no idea what the future (although no one really could have prepared us for what the coming years would bring) odd.

Looking back, I am grateful for the incredible opportunity they gave us to participate in this show. While it was difficult sometimes to share my personal life (poor makeup choices and all) with the world; the experience taught me a lot and forever changed my life and my vision for the better.

I am very proud of the series. Without all the wonderful people who were lucky enough to have work behind the scenes (especially the talent show creator and executive producer, Adam DiVello), which would have been just another reality show is easily forgotten. Instead, they made a show that documented and sometimes actually created by me during those years in a unique and beautiful way.

Difficult as it is to look back (apart from seeing the pilot, I have not seen any episodes since it first broadcast), brings me great joy to see that now, despite all the challenges we face together at the time, each of us seems to have found what we wanted.

However, the real point of this letter is to say thank you. Thank you for all the support and kind words of support they have given me over the years you. Without this support I would not be able to do what I do today.

I spent a lot of time thinking about how I would honor this anniversary and, in the end, I just wanted to do something as a thank you to the fans. So it will partner with MTV on a special project that will air on August 2 at 10 pm. Let’s have an honest conversation about what it was really like to live with cameras for many years (spoiler alert: it was very rare), sharing some secrets behind the scenes, and showing a bit of my life today. And since all this is for you, please let me know below if you have any questions or if something you like to see addressed.

XO Lauren

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