The Healthy Truth: The Glass is Half Full

By: Emily Lunardo | General Health | Tuesday, October 4, 2016 – 08:00 am

glass-half-full Dear friends,

Is the half empty or half full glass? How to answer that question you can tell a lot about your health. The great debate between pessimists and optimists has been an ongoing process. Although it looks like a pretty dumb sometimes ask, could shed light on their health habits.

Your vision of life may not seem like a big deal, but research findings have suggested otherwise. A study that surveyed 5,000 adults found that those who were optimists were more likely to engage in healthy habits, including smoking, eating a healthy diet, which has an index of healthy body weight and exercise regularly, compared with those who they are pessimistic.

Other studies have shown that optimism led to better health outcomes, more satisfying relationships, and less chance of getting a cold or flu. Clearly, seeing the glass half full can go a long way for your health.

However, as we all know, it is often difficult to keep things on the bright side. We all face the daily challenges that can turn our smiles upside down and pave the way to a pessimistic attitude. Work, school, personal relationships, and even our health can have all times downward spiral and we have to think the glass is definitely half empty.

Although it may be difficult to remain optimistic all the time, here are some tips to help steer you in the right direction in order to live a healthier life.

Tips to be more optimistic

Write thank-you notes: When was the last time you thanked someone? If it’s been a while, you may want to take a pen and paper – or open your email if you prefer. Being grateful can promote optimism, because it allows us to focus on our blessings instead of things that go wrong.

Do what you love: If you like yoga, but can never move to take a class, you could be under feeling. Finding the time to participate in the things you love can certainly make you happier and more positive. Our days may feel short if they become mundane and routine, especially if you do not take time for ourselves. In fact, we get easily stressed and pessimistic if we are in the same routine challenging. Therefore, specify the time of your day to do something you love.

Put some good news: is fairly easy to unleash others when things go wrong, but why not ‘Vent’ what happens right? It can be as little as finding a dime or as big as getting a promotion, made him happy in the day, people about it, because it is a way to amplify the goodness that can keep your good mood. In addition, enjoying the good stuff can make the bad times seem insignificant and less stressful. It may also be useful for drawing up a daily list of all the good things that happened to you – or things you are grateful for -. So you can go to bed with a mind free of stress

These are just some tips to brighten up your view of life, I’m sure there are many more. Whatever you do look beyond the negative, try to stick with it and see flourish your health.

Until next week,

Emily Lunardo

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