The Five Best with Sodium Hyaluronate

The Five Best with Sodium Hyaluronate

sodium hyaluronate became something like an “it” Archives of Dermatology ingredient when pronounced in one of three anti-aging treatments available that have proven clinically effective. In our body, it is within the extra-cellular space within the tissues, especially the face. Binding to water and attributes that attract water fill the spaces between collagen and connective fibers in the dermis elastin. Like most things, it decreases with age and, therefore, we need to refill.

As soon as the backup files dermatology came out, it looked as if everything suddenly boasted sodium hyaluronate. Now it is so pervasive, it is tempting to say blah. But not so fast, there are new versions with different molecular weights, alternatives and formulations that help the penetration of plant origin. Here, indeed in aging we try to keep pace with technology and excited to bring the latest and greatest, in fact, the best sodium hyaluronate.


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