The FDA Finally Admitted That Factory-Farmed Chicken Meat Contains Cancer-Causing Arsenic

Why is alarming to find arsenic in chicken? Well, to know that we will come to understand what is arsenic and what it does.

Arsenic is a chemical element that occurs in minerals in combination with sulfur and metals. It usually comes in steel gray and is very fragile. It begins to tarnish when exposed to air and becomes poisonous while giving a strong garlic odor when heated.

Although it is clearly understood that can be very harmful if consumed in large quantities over a period of time, however, some manage to go beyond bad practices in order to make money.

The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) has now concluded and agreed that the meat factory farmed chicken sold in the US It contains arsenic, which is not only poisonous, but can also cause cancer.

What happens to arsenic fed to chicken?

The FDA investigation on this matter shows that when arsenical drugs to chickens, trace element feed are excreted in their manure and quickly accumulates there for polluting the soil and groundwater year after year. Whereas, before this study, the poultry industry denied all the facts about arsenic and any traces found in meat.

also the remaining arsenic to humans is transmitted in the form of meat. And it consumed every day. This has been going on for 60 years in the United States.

This became a standard and according to industry standard nine billion chickens are raised each year, of roxarsone which – a drug based arsenic (a subsidiary of Pfizer) was fed at nearly 88 percent of chickens bred for human consumption in the United States. Although the drug was pulled from the shelves in 2011 in the United States, but it was not prohibited and allowed to be sold in other countries.

Poultry Farm And A Veterinary

the fact is

“Scott Brown division of Research and Development of Veterinary Medicine at Pfizer Animal Health has he commented on it and agree that the company also sells the ingredient in a dozen other countries, but is now reaching its regulatory authorities and decide whether to sell it individually. “

Do you still feel like eating chicken? Or do we still believe giants like Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies blindly?


If meat causes cancer, what can we eat?

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