The Cure Against Cancer That Spread Very Quickly On The Internet

This recipe spread very quickly on the Internet and people argue that through cure cancer. From what they write, we learned that they managed to regain their health without surgery and chemotherapy.

The recipe is based on honey and ginger, and no side effects. A woman who was seriously ill and was 20 days for maintenance equipment due to cancer of the endocrine glands, claim to be cured without surgery and chemotherapy and is now “full” health.

To prepare this medicine you need:

– Two major ginger roots, clean and chop them;
– Then the mixture ginger, is mixed with 500 grams of organic honey;

The mixture should be kept in a glass jar.

How to use:

One teaspoon, 3-4 times a day, half an hour before a meal;

In the recipe stressed that it is very important to use plastic, ceramic or wooden spoon.

The first effect should be felt after two or three days. This medicine has healing power and say “will rise from the dead.”


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