The Coconut Butter Is Better Than The Coconut Oil – Make It Yourself And Use It For Everything!


Each day brings new discoveries for welfare and food and can not catch up fast enough. In the event that the tail of all things on the web, you know at this point coconut oil it is very solid. You also may have used and know first hand is amazing!

Spread coconut oil is higher since the entire meat natural product is used and mixes easily. At that time it is left to achieve good shape. This oil is a concentrate of pure and simple organic product of the coconut meat.

In the remote possibility that the oil is impeccable, the spread even imagine! Instructions for doing so; the media are basic and simply require COCO.

  • Get all the coconut on the off chance you find the opportunity. One of cocoa stores unique wellness is an old coconut ready. This is what you need, because it is not very humid and there is no dried meat inside. From this age ready coconut milk is the fact also.
  • If you do not receive this writing, then get pieces of dry coconut and sugar without further though. Get new and do not include sugar, no grill or make the name grease.
  • If you have an impressive Vitamix blender like, this is great. In case you have food processor is equally valuable, however, it requires more investment to take care of business.
  • Take 6 measures flakes and mix.
  • Turn the mixer on high speed for 2 minutes to make it extra soft. Processor, stop and start again and again. Finally, the meat should be smooth, thick, like margarine.
  • Currently you can smell and fragrance of this broadcast request. He placed it in a bowl, while it is not yet firm and allow to cool and harden. By territories warm atmosphere, cool.
  • appreciate this amazing spread. just eat it like that, or put it on toast, espresso for fragrance, or cinnamon as a gift.

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