The Cause of Diabetes and How to Cure It

In a real physical level, diabetes is the result of an alteration in the metabolism of this absence of insulin secreted by the pancreas or caused by our cells do not give a response to the insulin that is produced. It is said that about 85% of adults reported having diabetes are overweight. At the level of the surface, there is no apparent explanation with regard to this not enough insulin or why cells do not respond to insulin in some cases it causes. Traditional medicine has a hard time identifying what may cause dis-acceleration, and why many people have them, and others do not
The traditional view of dis-ease :.

traditional medicine or current mainstream medical practices, teaches that each disease could be the result of some physical cause. For diabetes, the main cause is often attributed to genetics or perhaps a bad lifestyle and diet. According to exactly what is happening at the physical level, this may be the most recognizable cause of it which is manifested in the body of a person. But it does not fit, because not everyone who gets diabetes includes a parent, grandparent, or friend to the case that previously had diabetes. In addition, you can find those who have never had hereditary diabetes and consuming a healthy diet that still get the disease.

If there were a reliable physical cause of any disease, including diabetes, is not it stay constant from person to person? Is there really a specific induce this dis-ease and other dis-acceleration? The answer is yes, however, is not a real cause, this is a mental and emotional causes
Nothing physical can cause anything physical :.

As I discussed briefly during my previous articles, a realistic look how the disease works is a complete 180 degree turn from traditional thought. Commonly we thought that the disease is the result of something going wrong inside our bodies physically. Diabetes, physical cause is caused by the pancreas and insulin. However, the physical level is only a superficial level; it may be the effect level. As will be surprising to many, nothing physical can be what makes other physical effects. An effect can not create other effects, it can only cause an effect.
The physical body are capable of doing anything himself. It does not have the ability to create anything, including disease. The power comes from being the cause, and it seems that the physical level is the effect level; is no ability to create. The physical body merely reflects the degree of the cause, what are the mental and emotional levels are within us. Our physical bodies are only a mirror of what is really happening on a deeper level within us. Is in line with one of the most powerful laws in the universe, legal requirements of correspondence, as within, so without
The specific cause of Diabetes :.
As is evident to those who begin to understand these products, we find that traditional medicine is looking for the source of the disease and discomfort of the wrong places. The truth is that there can be a specific group causes all or illness and discomfort, but these causes are certainly not physical. The causes we have all been looking for are within us, containing the answers to each of our questions. No need to look outside of ourselves for which is already within us.

The pancreas is responsible for emotions, desires and all intellectual activities. pancreatic disorders indicate an imbalance in the whole emotional level. If someone is diabetic, it is because they are often very emotional and still has too many desires for themselves and others. They want everyone a slice of the pie undertake. They expect too much of themselves and others, and often blame themselves for some dissatisfaction individuals.
Essentially, diabetes is often a sign in the body we have to learn permission to go and let the unexpected things happen at their own pace. This person has to stop trying to manage the course of events in your life and realize that their purpose is not to make others happy
How to Cure Diabetes :.
This new paradigm of thinking about health requires us to prevent the belief that sickness and discomfort may be an enemy that must be destroyed and canceled. Disease and discomfort is not just a bad thing, it would not be an enemy. All disease and discomfort is actually a sign of bodies that are certainly not Americans living for love; it is only a servant to help us in wanting to bo what we are, instead of trying to ensure that we will not be. It’s activities as a blessing that is certainly currently in disguise, until we understand the truth is the purpose and meaning.

Every illness is really a message of the bodies, which tells us to worship ourselves. Diabetes is often a specific message that any of us have unrealistic expectations about ourselves, others. An individual is mentally real effect trying to manage our lives instead of allowing what to do exercise in your. We are getting feedback that usually are not meeting our real needs, our perceptions are holding us back instead of moving forward.

Only by balancing these mental and emotional areas an individual can truly be cured of diabetes, as this may be the level of cause. Yes, diabetes can be treated and symptoms (effects) that improve by physical means, but it is like investing a sign through a hole in the wall and waiting for the output to disappear. Only until we are liberated through the ancient belief that the disease must be destroyed will any of us to make any real progress in disease and healing disease. The reality is that all healing is self-healing. All disease and discomfort was designed to approach and enjoy perfect balance with all that is, without a doubt.

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