The Bible Diet – Is it really possible to lose weight by following the Bible?

The diet of the Bible [?

is it really possible to lose weight by following the teachings of the Bible about food and eating? Founder of the Diet Bible, author of The Maker’s Diet, and motivational speaker Jordan S. Rubin thinks so! According to him, the diet of the Bible is heavily influenced based on the teachings of the books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy. In these two books in particular it provides that certain types of food are prohibited because they are assumed to be impure. Considered acceptable or clean food is the only class that should be eaten.

Naturally, there are a lot of questions about the diet of the Bible and biblical food. Some of the most popular are what we can or can not eat, and how it compares with Paleo or vegan? If you have ever wandered about the diet of the Bible, then you might be interested in this article!

What are the clean and unclean foods?

To begin with, when you go on the diet of the Bible, there are only certain types of foods that can be eaten. The breakdown of shown biblical acceptable foods:

1. Trees edible whose performance is bearing seeds or seedlings for it is simple, this type of food is mostly fruit. All fruits are acceptable in biblical diet, as long as they come from seeds. Fruits of fruit trees are well eat as well as anything that grows on a vine, a bush or anything with a tissue of wood bark.

2. Edible plants whose yield is bearing seeds or seeds is – This classification refers to anything that can grow in the plant that are not necessarily trees. Examples include squash, tomatoes, corn, rye, beans and lentils.

3. Plants Field -. The following are listed, which may consist of herbs, roots and leafy green vegetables

4. clean meat – this is now a little more detailed, because the definition of clean meat it is quite complex. It goes back to the time of Noah, who is responsible for taking a pair of every clean animal and dirty. Noah offered every clean seventh sacrificial animal. clean meat is defined as meat from each animal that has the hoof cloven in two and chews.

Examples of clean meat are the ox (cattle), buffalo, sheep, goats, deer, gazelles, antelope and mountain sheep, just to name a few.

examples unclean meat are the pig, the camel, the hare and the rock badger.

As for seafood, all with fins and scales are allowed, but everything that has fins like alligator, shrimp is prohibited etc. For birds, everything is permitted, except the eagle, the vulture, the kite, the raven, the ostrich, the gull, and owls. It is also noted that all winged insects are considered unclean.

Benefits to follow a biblical diet

All these restrictions on food may seem like a lot of sacrifice, but what about the rewards. Those who go on diets Bible can expect the following benefits:

• Weight loss – a diet rich in unprocessed foods, fruits and vegetables is ideal for weight loss. fruits and natural and raw vegetables take less calories and are easier to digest and then other processed foods.

• A longer life – Rubin says that our ancestors who came to the biblical diet were to live for more than 120 years. Although we can not reach that age, studies show that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables lead to health complications little or nothing, indicating a longer useful life.

• Energy and improves mood – when our bodies are in a state of imbalance due to poor eating habits, they feel immediately. We may feel sick, weak and depressed. Eating well can increase energy, balance hormones and improve our mood.

Source: Dr.Axe

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