The best natural cold and flu remedies to relieve discomfort

I feel bad? Do you suffer from the common cold? Constantly reprimanded for sneezing and coughing? Can't you do a lot of work?

You are not alone, since there is a reason why the common cold is called that. It is because one can easily get it, and it could easily turn your day into porridge and make you feel like crap.

Fortunately, there are proven natural remedies that can help you counteract symptoms and help you improve your day.

So, in those moments when mom is not present to make you chicken soup, here are some natural remedies for the common cold that can help you feel bad all day:

  1. Water, a lot – That's right, so baby. Staying hydrated during illness is a good way to lift your mood and discomfort. Combine it with adequate rest and you will be recovering in a short time.
  2. Steam face – Incredibly soothing and soothing, facial vapors can be made by boiling water and adding thyme, oregano and rosemary. Cover your face with a towel, then breathe in the steam for about 15 minutes. This remedy can help loosen congestion and soothe the sinuses and throat.
  3. Bone broth and soup – While his mother's chicken soup is definitely an ancestral remedy for the disease, bone broth can also work just as well and can easily be prepared with store-bought ingredients. These relaxing remedies can return the protein you need and act as a good source of minerals.
  4. Herbal teas – They are relaxing when you feel good, and so are when you are not. And what is more? Currently, there are different types available, so you have many options available.
  5. Electrolytic drink – Electrolytes are good, especially for children who don't like taking medications so much. You can also make them at home if you want to go natural.
  6. Lemon juice – For problems that involve a sore throat and respiratory problems, you can't go wrong with some freshly squeezed lemon juice. For additional benefits, also add a slice of ginger.

Common cold

The scientific community has been struggling to prevent the common cold due to the ability of viruses to quickly become resistant to drugs and remain undetected by the immune system. Pixabay (tagsToTranslate) water (t) common cold (t) flu (t) natural remedies (t) lemon juice (t) electrolytic drink (t) herbal teas (t) bone broth (t) facial steam (t) discomfort (t) rest

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