The Baby-Making Health Plan

Some women have considered have children with men who clearly do not want children.

“He’ll change his mind once he sees the baby,” they croon. That could certainly happen, but can not seem to imagine that is so likely will not.

The first step in the health plan decisions baby :. They ensure that the person who will do the parenting with is really, really on board

When we are young, who are terrified at the thought of pregnancy. We think it could happen to us at any meeting. Then, when you actually want to happen, suddenly does not seem as simple as leaving two people who are attracted to each other in the same room together alone.

If you have left your contraception and baby reading blogs with avid curiosity, you may also want to consider the following steps on the path of the baby’s health decision:

1) a complete physical exam.

“Meeting with your gynecologist is an important first step for couples planning to conceive,” says Michele Hakakha, M. D.

Hakakha is also co-author of “Waiting 411 :. Clear Answers and Smart Advice for pregnancy” Your doctor will probably review your medical history, including medications you take, and help to change your lifestyle if necessary [

Your doctor will also be available to answer any questions you may have, no matter how silly you may think they are. They have heard before.

2) Start taking your prenatal.

Although up to 50 percent of all pregnancies are unwanted US, taking folic acid is a need as soon as they are considering a promotion for parents. It is an easy step that is required for the growth and development of the fetus.

Folic acid is also known for some time to reduce the risk of neural tube defects in offspring, and is associated with the prevention of congenital heart disease
3) Ditch alcohol -. Or at least, reduce the amount.

Dr. Annie Britton, from University College London writes: “Total abstinence may not be necessary to maximize conception rates […] if alcohol is consumed moderately, it appears that this may not affect fertility.”
However, a recent study published by the British Medical Journal found that if you drink more than 14 drinks a week, this can affect your fertility. Excessive alcohol consumption affects not only menstrual cycles, but also can potentially harm a baby during early pregnancy. If you can not stop at one, you may want to consider not participate at all.

4) Learn about your cycle.

do you know when you are ovulating? Most women do not. You can vary greatly, but there are ways to keep records, as surveillance when your basal body temperature is at its lowest level. There are also kits ovulation predictor, which lets you know when to plan your sexiest moment.

5) Reduce stress.
Stress can be a cause of infertility. Fortunately, it can also be one relatively simple to fix. See our article on yoga and preconception. “Yoga: relieve stress on the baby-making train” for some ideas on how to relax through easy postures

At least, make sure your schedule leaves room to take a deep breath.

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