Test Yourself And See If You Are Allergic To Something!

The word “allergy” was first used by a pediatrician Clemens worthy of Australia for Pirket in 1906. it refers to a harmful reaction in the body as a result of a particular substance or food. A lot of factors have been associated with allergies including the genetic makeup of an individual. However, it is important to know what you are allergic.

There are a lot of problems which they can be caused by allergies, especially those that are caused by food. These range from common problems such as obesity, constipation and high blood pressure the most serious and rare as dizziness, fatigue, asthma and even depression.

Fortunately, before developing health problems due to allergies, there is some evidence of food allergy that can be performed, which can be very expensive. However, there is a simple home test for allergies that can be made with similar results.

Before reaching this test, there are some things you should know. You should not have any infections or colds at the time of the test. In simple terms, you must be in perfect health.

In addition, you should not have had anything to eat few hours before the test. It is best that this first act carried out in the morning. You will also need a couple of things to carry out the test as a non-digital clock, and the type of food that had previously caused the allergic reaction to your body.

For the test to be more successful, you need to assume a sitting position and very relaxed. This allows the vital signs of your body to be at its normal and without any stress or excitement pace.

How do the test

First, sit still and stay calm for about five minutes. Measure your heart rate and after 60 seconds, note reading. The best way to do this would be by measuring the pulse at the wrist.

note the exact value of the heart rate is just measured. For the sake of accuracy, you can do it a second time just to be sure. Enter your relaxed mode again for about 5 minutes. Put a small amount of food you want to taste in the mouth. Chewing and hold it for a while to feel it.

is imperative that you do not make any sharp movement as this would affect the reading. Measure heart rate over the next 60 seconds again and be sure to keep the food in the mouth.

If the results show that heart rate has increased by more than 5 beats, then there is a high probability that you may be allergic to that food. Therefore it should not be swallowed.

is useful to have better results if you are away from all devices that could disrupt the process and heart rate. If you are a smoker, you should take about 2 hours without smoking before taking the test because smoking has a tendency to increase heart rate.

Source: healthylifestylebase.com

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