TeloSC Review – Could This Truly Be An Anti-Aging Miracle?

The latest anti-aging supplement that promises to “erase years of its appearance” using the power telomere, it is here. Let’s dive into this TeloSC Review.

What is TeloSC?

TeloSC is a nutritional supplement that is committed to supporting telomeres and stem cells within your body. By taking every day, you can supposedly turn back the clock on aging, increasing life and make physically look younger.

The supplement was recently published online by its manufacturer, the Maxlife solution. It is available exclusively through its website and can not find on Amazon or at any retail store.

Some of the proposed benefits of the supplement include:

  • -Boost learning, concentration, strength and endurance
  • Get younger looking skin
  • -Lengthen life
  • -Support healthy cardiovascular function
  • -Support immune, metabolic system, and the health of nerves
  • -Support healthy blood pressure
  • -Support blood sugar and cholesterol levels

TeloSC intends to do this by targeting their stem cells and telomeres – compounds within your body that play a crucial role in aging. All you need to do is take the daily supplement to enjoy all these effects. In fact, claims his formula TeloSC lifetime of “simple laboratory animals” in clinical trials doubled.

Does all this sound too good to be true? Let’s take a closer look at the science behind TeloSC.

How TeloSC work?

TeloSC explains the science in a way with his feet on the ground. The company begins by explaining that there is a “tug of war going on inside your body right now.”

That battle determines how you feel and your life time.

With this in mind, TeloSC guide promises “the most unpleasant effects of aging” and counteract the effects of aging “more complete than any other dietary supplement on the market.”

The secret power behind TeloSC is in the form of a ‘1 2 punch “that targets the three largest for our health and longevity, including barriers:

  • – Telomere Health
  • cell -Stem Health
  • cell -Stem Environment Health

in order to focus on those barriers, TeloSC active genes. Activation of genes then replaces aging and decay of youth throughout his body.

The genes are activated using protective pieces of DNA called telomeres. These DNA components can be found at the end of all chromosomes. Every time your cells divide, the telomeres shorten. As their telomeres shorten, which grows old and dies.

That’s where the secret ingredient TeloSC comes into play: it uses something called telomerase. This enzyme protects cellular health by extending telomeres.

Telomerase is a real scientific breakthrough. He won the Nobel Prize in Medicine 2009. It is one of the greatest advances against aging of our life.

TeloSC goal is to capitalize on this hype, offering a full complement of telomerase of the ingredients you need to “easily shave 5-15 years of your biological age with little effort.”

Let’s learn more about the following ingredients. But first, it is useful to talk about the story behind TeloSC.

The story behind TeloSC

TeloSC is made by a company called Maxlife solution. That company is known for making a small number of anti-aging nutritional supplements, including StemCode and InflaGene.

The company also known as Maximum Life Foundation. It was founded by Dr. David A Kekich in 1999 as a company “dedicated to curing diseases related to aging,” explains the About page on the official website of the company.

Dr. Kekich comes with an interesting history. Claims that paralyzed 38 years ago. At that time, he was a “promising young entrepreneur” in charge of “life insurance agency in the country’s largest main general.” He spent his spare time long distance running, weight training, and hanging out with his “girlfriend of the stars” in their “beachfront home.” Also he drove a Mercedes convertible.

Then Dr. Kekich experienced a spinal cord injury abnormal in the gym one day, when something appeared. He has been in a wheelchair since.

Motivated to solve their own problem, Dr. Kekich spent 20 years leading international research effort to slow human aging. Eventually he ran into a new technology that led to the formula TeloSC.

Today, the Maxlife solution is based in Newport Beach, California.

Let’s take a look at the evidence behind TeloSC.

Scientific Evidence for TeloSC

TeloSC cite several research articles that explain the science behind the telomeres and advances that have taken place in the identification of telomerase.

But there is an obvious problem: the nutritional supplement. Real TeloSC has never been through any types of clinical trials or studies

has never been legitimately demonstrated its benefits in any study that has taken place to date.

TeloSC manufacturers gleefully cite reports were laboratory animals doubled their age :. But those studies had nothing to do with TeloSC

In fact, the only way TeloSC is linked to any of this research is that claims to contain ingredients that somehow affect levels of telomerase inside your body. It is also powered by a formula called astragaloside CDX, though there is limited information about the formula is available online.

TeloSC manufacturers claim that their supplement research is ongoing, and they plan to check TeloSC through a “double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial” in the near future. However, the results of this trial have not yet been published.

In other words, when you sign up to buy TeloSC today, are becoming a guinea pig for Maxlife Solution -. The creators of the formula

The truth is that telomerase is a field of anti-aging medicine is largely unknown. More research is needed before we know how to harness the power of the compound. TeloSC seems to have jumped the gun by releasing a charge of telomerase before we really know anything about how telomerase works. That’s worrisome when you are taking a supplement that aims to change your DNA.

TeloSC Ingredients

How exactly does claim TeloSC affect your DNA? Well, that aims to change the telomeres of your DNA using herbal extracts and formulas, including all of the following characteristics:

  • -Improved CDX Astragalus Astragalus Root Extract more
  • -Improved PCX milk thistle liposomes
  • -Improved Pterocarpus Pterocarpus CDX Marsupium more Marsupium extract
  • -Improved CDX Pterostilbene
  • -pine bark extract
  • -Bioperine
  • L-theanine

TeloSC manufacturers list the names of these ingredients, but never provided any information dosage. They also claim the ingredients have been shown to reduce cholesterol in a group of test patients -., But they never really talk about the anti-aging benefits

We know that all the ingredients above 286 mg total in each capsule but we did not really get a break in any individual ingredient. That’s a warning sign, especially when you are taking something that is intended to offer medical benefits of power.

price TeloSC

Despite the lack of research, TeloSC is available at a relatively high cost price. This is how the pricing is broken down:

-1 Bottle (60 Capsules / 1 month supply): $ 79

-3 Bottles: $ 196.71

-6 Bottles: $ 312.84

US shipping is included in all previous prices.

One of the few positive aspects of TeloSC is that all purchases come with a refund policy 365 days. So if you do not like TeloSC for any reason, then you can request a refund at any point within 365 days of initial purchase. Just call 800-727-2888 to start with a refund.

must be used TeloSC to double life?

TeloSC makers often cite studies that have nothing to do with his formula. They cite a study where “small laboratory animals” doubled their life, for example, and claim that you can have “10 to 15” outside their physical age by taking the supplement.

His counterpart, however, has never been studied – or at least the results of these studies have not been published. We know that telomerase and telomeres are an interesting new field of research, but it is unclear if it has TeloSC any effect on telomere levels in your body.

Ultimately, TeloSC seems to be a lot of marketing hype driven by customer feedback exaggerated rather than actual scientific evidence or clinical trials. When telomeres become available anti-aging therapy in the future, it is not likely to be sold through a nutritional supplement available for $ 80 online.

TeloSC could be a great anti-aging breakthrough that reduces their physical age 10 to 15 years. We just have not seen any evidence that to us. Until there is evidence that you should wait to buy TeloSC. Until then, you can start looking younger with a solution of quality skin care.

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