Take the Tears Out of Washing Your Toddlers Hair

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So you just had a baby. It ensures that your little sweet is comfortable at all times. While this may seem what to do in most circumstances, it can be harmful in other circumstances. Especially when those little cherubs become small children! If you have friends with older children, then you know how awful surrounding wash a hair of young children. Often they cry, mourn, and throw all out attacks during the process. This is mainly due to the gentile who had as babies do not get water in his eyes. While you may think this was the right approach, I can assure you it is not.

Now I’m not saying by any means flushing in the face of his son. Just take a wash cloth or even your hand and dripping water on your face for each bathroom. Make it fun when you do it, either by adding a noise like “Wee” or laugh your child know it’s okay. After all, they are following their instructions. When the baby has had water dripping on his face throughout his life, when they become a child of his there will be no reason to flinch when you have to wash your hair. My child is about being two in a few weeks, he loves to go underwater, and often flushes the toilet on his own head, because he loves.

Do you already have a child and did not and are now petrified washing your hair or water in your eyes? There are a couple of things you can try. You can try to recondition them while they are in the bathtub. You can use the trick cloth washing with water only to show that it does not hurt and there is nothing to fear. You can try to get in the bathtub with them and making yourself to show it’s funny, toddler hair washing not scary. Or if all else fails and is just an uphill battle not worth fighting, give them a sponge or towel to hold over his eyes while the hair is washed. This will provide a sense of security and make their tears subside.

When I entered my 5 years stepdaughters old life was 2. She was very frightened of any water, especially the bathtub. It took a couple of weeks to push through and showing him that I would never hurt her. Eventually, she began to calm down in the bathtub. Once she had calmed down, and fears that the water subsides have tried to start letting light fall on your face regular water. Just a little, and very soft. After a while, she has also now overcome fear of water on his face and is a normal fish. She loves to go swimming now, and dispose of his own head in the water. This is an important achievement in my life as a step-mother, and one I appreciate.

Toddlers Hair

Washing your hair young children do not have to be torture, make it fun again and try these ideas! I know it sounds awful because at first the child can mourn and you may think they are hurting. But trust me in the long run it will benefit both. If you try it let me know how it works for you!

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