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Syneron Candela is responsible for some of the latest technological advances in skin discoloration, stains, and loose skin. This is our opinion.

What is Syneron Candela?

Syneron Candela it is a company that produces various types of technology to help treat skin diseases through non-invasive procedures. While many companies offer this technology, the company does an amazing job of explaining the different techniques so that both the supplier and the consumer understand.

The technology behind Syneron Candela

The technology has created Syneron Candela is why this company is so successful. The company sells to physicians, but lets you find doctors who offer this technology. There are several technological ways that the company creates its products, and each technology has been designed with different tasks in mind. There are multiple forms of technology, so let’s focus on just three of the amazing ways that Syneron Candela changes the world of laser treatment .

Technology ELOS

elos technology is a laser treatment with lower optical energy, resulting in less damage to the surface of the skin . This technology works in three steps:

  1. The top layer of the skin is cooled with the tip of chilled applicator, which protects the epidermis while forcing RF energy to penetrate deep into the area target tissue.
  2. The optical energy of the fabric, pre-heated by contact.
  3. RF energy moves toward the tissue is heated, and the tissue is “treated”.

PS Technology

According to the website of the company, the PS technology “uses technology beamsplitter holographic diffraction to create a two-dimensional matrix LIOBs (Induced Laser optics breakage). the LIOBs can focus on the epidermis, using the wavelength of 532 nm, or in the upper papillary dermis using the wavelength of 1064 nm “.

Ultrasound Technology

Ultrasound technology is a common form of skin conditions to treat . However, it focused ultrasound technology works by “the emission of ultrasonic acoustic waves focused energy that converge in a confined focal volume focus exclusively on subcutaneous fat at a controlled depth.” This energy transmits a pulsed ultrasound, which allows you to control the doctor temperature rise. That helps control fat removal to occur instantly, selectively and mechanically.

Products available through Syneron Candela

Syneron Candela makes a lot of different treatment options, and most descriptions are written in a way that advertising primarily to the supplier instead that the consumer will receive treatment. The main functions treatment and technology focuses on manipulation include, but are not limited to:

While the list of methods and processes that offer is wide, there are some products that are the main options the most attention.


CO2RE is a laser treatment that is able to cope with a variety of different skin problems like acne scars, Cladding CO2 fractional resurfacing, treatment scars, and wrinkles.

elos Plus

elos Plus is a combination of several treatments. Is used to treat problems like acne and acne scars, Beard Bumps (PFB) Removal , and facial spider veins, Fractional Resurfacing, leg veins, pigmented lesions, rosacea, stretch marks, vascular lesions and wrinkles . This technology is safe for all skin types.

Gentle Pro series

The Gentle Pro series is geared towards treatments that cover a large area, but with less time in the procedure room. The most common diseases treated with the Gentle Pro series are PFB, and facial spider veins, laser hair removal, leg veins and pigmented lesions.


PicoWay is a laser treatment that makes it easier to remove colored tattoos in a fraction of the normal time of disposal technologies. Furthermore, PicoWay is used to, skin rejuvenation and toning, tattoo removal and pigmented lesions. The procedure is effective for a variety of skin pigments.


deep helps add definition to the skin, usually by the contour makeup masked. However, this procedure takes care of the skin at the cellular level, helping to lift, contour and smooth the skin effectively, making it ideal for people who suffer from sagging skin and wrinkles.


UltraShape is a completely non-invasive procedure that uses “pulsed ultrasound, focused on mechanical (non-thermal) and selectively destroy fat cells.” This technology helps overcome body contouring and fat cell destruction.

Vbeam Perfecta

Vbeam Perfecta is a pulsed dye laser, which is a safe and easy to use tool for the treatment of vascular, pigmented and certain non-pigmented lesions.

VelaShape III

VelaShape III is a non-invasive technology, which is used for body contouring, Cellulite , circumference reduction and hardening of the skin.

Other features of Syneron Candela

Syneron Candela has the option for providers and patients to explore the different technologies they provide.

If you select the provider in the welcome page, which has a technical definition of the different machines and technology company. In addition, you have access to the Supplier Portal, which connects to your account with the company.

If you enter the site as a potential patient, everything is much easier to understand the terms. You are able to find the locator tool to find out about the closest near his home suppliers.

Connection with Syneron Candela

The only people who really would contact Syneron Candela are the providers, because patients may find pricing information requirements and procedures through your doctor. As a supplier, you can speak to a representative in Syneron Candela filling out the online form or one of the other methods of communication. The following contact information is provided for each division.

Syneron Candela, East Coast
530 Boston Post Road
Wayland, MA 01778 United States

Phone: 508-358-5602
Phone: 508-358-7400 or 800-733-8550 (US)
Email: [email protected]

Syneron Candela, West Coast
3 Goodyear, Unit A
Irvine, CA 92618 United States

Phone: 866-259-6661
Email: [email protected]


Syneron Candela is a company that draws on the latest research and technology help consumers and providers to find techniques laser more effective . The use of technology is a step towards a more aesthetically pleasing body.

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